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Toyota Origins and Prestigious Noritake Industrial Course

Toyota Origins and Prestigious Noritake Industrial Course

Enjoy a fascinating tour of two of Japan’s leading product manufacturers. See the humble beginnings of the Toyota Group as a textiles manufacturer at the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology, and the origins and works of prestigious fine china tableware manufacturer, Noritake.

Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology / Noritake Garden

Seto-Gura Museum

One Day Traditional Seto Pottery See and Do Course

Visit one of two major kiln areas of Aichi, Seto City, with 1,000 years of pottery, stoneware, and ceramics history and culture. Pottery and chinaware from Seto became so famous that even now, all kiln fired items and ceramics are known as “Seto-yaki,” or “Seto-mono." See it, and experience it for yourself.

Seto-Gura Museum / Maneki-Neko (Lucky Cat) Museum / Kamagaki no Komichi Street / Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum

Okazaki Castle

Tokugawa Ieyasu History and Culture Course

Become close to the spirit of the Shogun. See Okazaki Castle, and the Ieyasu and Mikawa Bushi Museum. Find out the food of the samurai, and see how it is still made in the traditional way. See both the Temple and the shrine of the Tokugawa clan on this fascinating course.

Okazaki Castle / Ieyasu and Mikawa Bushi (warrior) Museum / Scenes of Traditional Japan Traditional Hatcho Miso Factory / Daiju-ji Temple / The Takisan-ji Temple and Takisan Toshogu Shrine

Takeshima Aquarium

Gamagori History, Nature and Culture Course

Visit the Takeshima Aquariums weird and wonderful residents, discover literary culture, and the sacred Takeshima Island. Catch the superb views from lofty Mt Sangane.

Takeshima Aquarium / Seaside Literary Memorial Museum / Takeshima Island, Gamagori / Mt. Sangane Skyline

Toyokawa Inari temple

Aichi’s Central Districts History and Culture Course

See the Toyokawa Inari temple and shrine complex, and ride the trams of Toyohashi. Explore Yoshida Castle, and see the last of the historical inns reserved for high ranking samurai.

Toyokawa Inari Shrine / Toyohashi Tram Cars / Yoshida Castle / Futagawa-Shuku Honjin

Pottery Footpath

Half Day Course from Centrair: Enjoy Ceramics Culture and History in ancient Tokoname

See Tokoname, one of the “Six Ancient Pottery Kiln Towns” up close. Walk the narrow, charm filled backstreets of the ancient pottery town, along the famous Dokan Zaka path lined with walls of earthenware pipes and bottles. See Maneki-Neko street, featuring hundreds of beckoning cat figures, the giant mascot cat, Tokonyan, and take a look inside Japan’s largest climbing kiln.

INAX MUSEUM / Pottery Footpath / Tokonyan

Laguna Ten Bosch

Two Day, One Night Fun and Relaxation Course from Nagoya Station

Take a day trip to seaside Gamagori and check out the great amusement park, shopping, dining and leisure spot, Laguna Ten Bosch. Relax in the Miya Onsen Hot Springs, before picking and eating your own fruit at the Gamagori Orange Park, and visit the underwater world of Takeshima Aquarium.

LAGUNA TEN BOSH / Miya Onsen Hot Springs / Gamagori Orange Park / Takeshima Aquarium, Gamagori / Nagoya Station

Nature and Ocean Sightseeing Cycling Course

Nature and Ocean Sightseeing Cycling Course

A great cycling course recommended for the spring and summer months around beautiful, picturesque Cape Irago on the Atsumi Peninsula

Roadside Station Irago Crystal Port / Irago Lighthouse / Koijigahama Beach / The Stone Gate of Sunrise(Hii-no-Sekimon) / Rapeseed Blossom Festival

Aeon Mall Shopping Center, Tokoname

One Day Course from Centrair: Shop and Pop, Culture Course in Tokoname

Discover Aichi’s fine ceramics and pottery history and culture and shop ‘till you drop in this One Day course around the airport area!

Aeon Mall Shopping Center / INAX Live Museum

A Two Day, One Night Chita Peninsula Eating, Relaxing and  Sightseeing Course

A Two Day, One Night Chita Peninsula Eating, Relaxing and Sightseeing Course

Enjoy the sights and experiences available on the Chita Peninsula, Try Aichi’s gourmet prawn crackers, and pick your own fresh fruit at Joyful Farm Unoike. Relax overnight at the hot springs of Minami Chita Onsen, before visiting Noma Lighthouse, a shrine to love and the enjoyable Minami Chita Beach Land amusement park and aquarium complex.

Prawn Cracker Village (Ebisenbei no Sato) / Joyful Farm Unoike / Minami Chita Onsen Hot Springs / Noma Lighthouse / Koinomizu Jinja Shrine / Minami Chita Beach Land

Half Day Tour Course from Nagoya Station

Half Day Tour Course from Nagoya Station

Discover the historical and cultural roots of this vibrant Japanese city in a half day tour starting at the city’s gateway, the expansive Nagoya Station!

Nagoya Castle and Nagoya Castle Hommaru Palace / The Tokugawa Art Museum / Tokugawaen Garden

Half Day History and Greenery Tour from Nagoya Station

Half Day History and Greenery Tour from Nagoya Station

See some history, and see some greenery in one of Japan’s largest cities, vibrant Nagoya City.

Atsuta Jingu Shrine / Shirotori Garden

Day Course of Central Nagoya City from Nagoya Station

Day Course of Central Nagoya City from Nagoya Station

See the heart and soul of Nagoya City in this enjoyable one day tour of Nagoya's central areas. Sightsee, shop, live and learn in this easy to navigate city.

Nagoya TV Tower / Oasis 21 / Osu Arcades / Osu Kannon Temple

Aichi’s Outlying Island, Art Island, Sakushima Course

Aichi’s Outlying Island, Art Island, Sakushima Course

Fresh sea air, fresh sea food, and amazing art to see on the Art Island, Sakushima, just off the Aichi Coast in calm, clear Mikawa Bay.

Sakushima Island / Isshiki Sakana Hiroba

Full Day Nagoya’s “Other” Attraction Course

Full Day Nagoya’s “Other” Attraction Course

See and experience the “other” attractions of Aichi’s capital, Nagoya. Visit an international temple, classical villas where East and West combine, meet the unusual, and famous “other” residents of Nagoya, and see the city and surrounds in style from the sky!

Nittai-ji Temple / Yokiso / Higashiyama Zoo, Botanical Gardens / Higashiyama Sky Tower

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