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Two-day, one-night Nagoya City sights and shopping course Total Distance:29.8 km Total Time:30 hrs.
See the sights and shops of cosmopolitan Nagoya City. Enjoy a world-class aquarium; see the past, present, and future of Japan’s extensive and impressive rail system; shop at futuristic Oasis21; gaze in awe at the cityscape from one of Japan's historic towers; and catch a show at the world's largest planetarium.

Course Contents

Day 1

Start at Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium → (approx. 20 min. by car or taxi) → SCMAGLEV and Railway Park → (6-min. walk) → Aonami Line → (25-min. train ride) → Nagoya Station → (5-min. subway ride) → Sakae Station → (3-min. walk) → Oasis21 → Stay the night around Sakae Station.

Day 2

Start at Chubu Electric Power MIRAI TOWER → (1-min. walk) → Sakae Station → Higashiyama Line → (2-min. subway ride) → Fushimi Station → (7-min. walk) → Nagoya City Science Museum



Nagoya CityPort of Nagoya Public Aquarium

Meet a plethora of ocean friends at the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium
One of Japan’s biggest and best aquariums, the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium is home to orcas, dolphins, beluga whales, penguins, and more. The array of marine life from Japan to Antarctica as well as the world’s largest aquarium tank makes for a day of fun for anyone! See more >


Nagoya CitySCMAGLEV and Railway Park

Catch your favorite trains no matter the time!
See and climb aboard 39 actual steam locomotives, electric and diesel railcars, and all versions of the world-famous shinkansen bullet train. There's even an exciting next-generation Superconductive Magnetically Levitated Vehicle (SCMAGLEV). See more >


Nagoya CityOasis21

Oasis21 shopping, dining, and event space
Oasis21’s futuristic landmark, Spaceship Aqua, is a glass and steel pipe structure holding a shallow pool with 15 tons of water. Below it are your choice of restaurants, cafés, specialty and fashion stores, and an event space. Oasis 21 is a stunning sight lit up at night! See more >


Nagoya CityChubu Electric Power MIRAI TOWER

One of the most fabulous views of the city
Brace yourself for the size and scale of Nagoya City as seen day or night from Japan’s oldest broadcast tower. After fulfilling its broadcasting duties for 60-some years, it now offers a chic hotel, cuisine, and incredible views of Nagoya beloved by those from all over Japan and abroad. See more >


Nagoya CityNagoya City Science Museum

See the world’s biggest planetarium
Educational and enjoyable for both kids and adults, the Nagoya City Science Museum houses six floors of exhibits, in addition to the world’s largest planetarium. Watch, touch, and discover through interactive exhibits such as the Tornado Lab, Electric Discharge Lab, and Deep Freezing Lab. See more >
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