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Regarding the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) 1/24/2020

Those entering the country from Wuhan, China or those with a travel history in Wuhan who develop a cough, fever, or other symptoms are asked to take precautions by wearing a face mask and cooperate with contacting a medical institution about getting diagnosed. Before the medical examination, please report any prior stay in Wuhan. The Aichi Multilingual Call Center can provide information regarding designated medical institutions within the prefecture which are able to assist patients who have contracted the new coronavirus and are equipped to accommodate infectious diseases. When encountering any difficulties, please contact the Aichi Multilingual Call Center for help.

▶Aichi Multilingual Call Center Guide (PDF : 375KB)
▶Aichi Multilingual Call Center (For Mobile Devices)
▶Important Notice from the Quarantine Information Office of the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare (MHLW) (PDF : 689KB)
▶Guide for using medical institutions (PDF : 1.5MB)
▶Coronavirus advisory information from the Japan National Tourism Organization

Samurai & Ninja Festival 2019

Upcoming Samurai & Ninja Festival 2019 in November! 10/23/2019

Travel from the new Reiwa era into the Warring States period with this fun family event on November 10th, 2019. There's lots to look forward to, with the March of the Samurai Lords, matchlock gun firings, falconry shows, food booths, and more! See times and locations for this year on the updated event page below.

Samurai & Ninja Festival 2019 Event Page

Aichi Free Wi-Fi Connect

Aichi Prefecture Releases Free Wi-Fi App for Foreign Travelers 9/20/2019

Introducing the Easy-to-Use App “Aichi Free Wi-Fi Connect” As part of creating a travel-friendly environment for foreign visitors, Aichi Prefecture has released an application (hereafter “app”) in multiple languages that allows travelers to easily connect to free Wi-Fi. With this app, Aichi Prefecture hopes to help foreign visitors experience a stress-free stay, to provide access to safety information in times of disaster, and to generally encourage the steady increase of overseas visitors. Start Date: September 20th, 2019 (Friday) from 10:00 AM Intended Users: Foreign Travelers to Japan Target OS: Android *: Currently in the application process with Apple to make the app available for iOS users. More information will be released as soon as approval has been obtained. Supported Languages: English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Korean, Thai, Japanese How to Use: From Google Play, download the “Kokosil” app, and select “AICHI Free Wi-Fi Connect.” To take full advantage of available wi-fi, it is also recommended to download both the “Japan Connected-Free Wi-Fi” and “TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi” apps. Usage Cost: Free *: Please note that data costs incurred when downloading the app are the responsibility of the user.

[Nishio-City] Kira Fireworks Postponed to August 17 7/26/2019

Kira Fireworks Festival (Kira Hanabi Taikai)

Welcome to the Heart of Japan, Aichi

A New Travel Site Especially for Rugby Fans 7/16/2019

In anticipation of large numbers of overseas visitors coming to watch rugby games in Aichi Prefecture this autumn, this new web site provides rugby fans with useful travel information. Find the best places to go for a highly memorable Aichi time!

View the "Welcome to the Heart of Japan, Aichi" Web Site Here