Tokugawa Ieyasu introduces newest Hattori Hanzo Ninja Team member to Aichi Governor Omura

Tokugawa Ieyasu introduces newest Hattori Hanzo Ninja Team member to Aichi Governor Omura 4/17/2018

The "Ku-no-ichi" (female ninja) Kocho is a former boxing champion who comes to engross the ranks of the famous ninja team.

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Jump from tree to tree like a ninja at Forest Adventure Shinshiro!

Jump from tree to tree like a ninja at Forest Adventure Shinshiro! 3/16/2018

Recently inaugurated on March 16th of 2018, Forest Adventure Shinshiro is, as its name suggests, an aerial adventure facility installed at the forest rim inside the expansive Shinshiro General Park, a large green area in the city of Shinshiro.

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Central Japan Travel Card

The Central Japan Travel Card -- On Sale Starting February 1 2/1/2018

With this smart card, you can enjoy a traveling in Japan with convenience and comfort. Be sure to use it! - No need to stand in line at station ticket-sale windows or ticket vending machines! - Faster time through ticket turnstiles thanks to one-touch passage! - Usable for payment not just for transportation, but also at convenience stores, vending machines, coin-operated lockers, and more! - Present the card and get special perks! The Central Japan Travel Card will be available for purchase from February 1. Sales period: February 1 through March 20, 2018 Purchase price: 2,000 yen, including tax (500-yen deposit + usable amount of 1,500 yen) -- cash only Where to purchase: Central Japan International Airport (Meitetsu Travel Plaza and Central Japan Travel Center)

Central Japan Travel Card

Nagoya Castle Tenshu Tower to close for the public starting May 7th, 2018 in preparation for rebuilding project. 1/31/2018

(Nagoya-City) The Tenshu Tower of Nagoya Castle will have its access restricted (closed) for visitation due to preparative investigation and subsequent construction works related to the Tenshu Tower Wooden Reconstruction Project, from May 7th of 2018 to the completion of the new tower. During the above mentioned closing period, areas within the Nagoya Castle complex that are not related to the Tenshu Tower sections will remain operating normally and open for public visitation. As such, visitors will continue to be able to enjoy the current sight of the Tower until demolition works begin. The Kinshachi Yokocho galleries of Owari-Nagoya delicacies are scheduled to start operation near Nagoya Castle's Seimon Main Gate and Higashimon East Gate on March 29th, 2018. Also, the Honmaru Goten Palace reconstruction works that have steadily progressed during the past ten years will reach their eagerly awaited conclusion, expected for June 8th, 2018, with inauguration of the most luxurious sections Jorakuden, which served as refined dormitory quarters for the shogun, and Yudono-Shoin, the shogun's exclusive Ofuro bath. -Nagoya Castle Tenshu Tower Access Restriction Period: From May 7th of 2018 until completion of the rebuilding works. -Restricted Areas: Nagoya Castle Tenshu Tower (including Main and Minor towers) -Major Inaugurations Planned: March 29th, 2018 - Kinshachi Yokocho Gourmet Galleries open. June 8th, 2018 - Completion of the Honmaru Goten Palace reconstruction works. May 7th of 2018 - Admission of visitors to the Tenshu Tower becomes prohibited.

Collaboration between JNTO and Vietnamese singer Noo Phuoc Thinh results in music video spotlighting tourism destinations in Japan! 1/1/2018

Released on YouTube on January 1st, 2018 as result from the collaboration between popular Vietnamese singer Noo Phuoc Thinh and the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), "Around the World - Music Video Official" highlights major touristic destinations in the Shoryudo and Hokkaido regions of the country. From the traditional houses of countryside Oku-Hida in Gifu Prefecture, to the cosmopolitan air of Aichi Prefecture's capital city of Nagoya, a total of 26 spots are featured in the video, and famous Aichi spots include the Aichi Museum of Flight, Gamagori City, the giant Manekineko beckoning lucky cat of Aeon Mall in Tokoname City, Central Japan Int'l Airport Centrair, Nagoya Castle, SCMaglev and Railway Park, among others. Produced as commemorative token for the 45th Anniversary of the Establishment of Japan-Vietnam Diplomatic Relations, the video features 45 organizations/personalities from both countries dancing to the song's chorus, symbolizing the Japan-Vietnam Alliance, and aims also to promote the "Welcome Spirit" of Japan. Both "Nagoya Omotenashi Busho-tai" and "Hattori Hanzo and The Ninjas" teams appear among the featured, dancing and doing antics and acrobatics. Noo Phuoc Thinh is Japan's Tourism Ambassador, appointed by the JNTO in June, 2017. Click the link below for the video (YouTube):