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Personal Information Protection Policy

Aichi Prefecture (the "Prefecture") and the Aichi Now Executive Secretariat (the "Secretariat") are committed to the strictest control of the collection, use and management of personal information based on the "Aichi Prefecture Ordinance for the Protection of Personal Information" and to ensuring that any information gathered will be used in only the appropriate way.

Article 1: Personal information

Personal information means information relating to an individual that can identify a specific individual, such as addresses, names, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. Information that can be collated with other information and can thereby identify a specific individual is included.

Article 2: Collection of personal information

When collecting personal information, the purpose of the work involving the handling of personal information shall be made clear in advance. The collection of personal information shall be performed within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose. When the Prefecture and the Secretariat collect personal information by way of the website operated by the Prefecture and the Secretariat, the voluntary provision of information (registration) by the users ("Users") shall be the principle.

Article 3: Use and Sharing of personal information

The personal information provided (registered) by Users shall not be used or provided for any purpose other than the purpose of work involving the handling of personal information unless required by the Aichi Prefecture Ordinance for the Protection of Personal Information.

Article 4: Management of personal information

Appropriate measures to prevent divulgence, unauthorized use or alteration shall be taken for personal information collected from Users. Personal information that it is no longer necessary to retain shall be deleted surely and promptly.

Article 5: Handling of Cookies

(About Cookies)
The Aichi Now website uses a type of web browsing technology called cookies to enhance User experience. Cookies save browser information on the User’s computer terminal (including smartphones, tablets, and other devices) and retrieve that information the next time Aichi Now is accessed.
Cookies are used to display changes in font size and background colors on Aichi Now as well as to analyze website usage and to improve services.
Depending on the browser, it is possible to change the settings and disable cookies (Settings vary by browser. Please refer to the "Help" menu in the individual browser for how to change cookie settings). Once cookies are disabled, not only Aichi Now but all webpage services that utilize cookies may become partially or entirely disabled.

(About Access Logs)
Access information is recorded and saved in the form of access logs on Aichi Now.
Information recorded in access logs include access time, the IP address, the type of browser and other information. Personally identifiable information is not included.
Access logs are used as server operation information for the purposes of analyzing site usage and improving services and are not used to collect or analyze any personal information.

(About SSL/TLS)
Aichi Now protects and encrypts transmitted information by using SSL/TLS encryption as necessary.
SSL/TLS encryption technology automatically encrypts information entered into the Aichi Now contact form, etc. according to each browser in order to render it unreadable in the unlikely event that it is intercepted by a third-party while being transmitted to the main server.

(About the Use of Google Analytics)
In order to improve services, a portion of web pages on Aichi Now use Google LLC’s Google Analytics to measure access, which is analyzed through the creation of cookies. When this occurs, the URL of the accessed web page, the IP address, and other User information may be collected by Google LLC.
This information is used for the purpose of usage analysis, the creation of reports, and the improvement of services. By using Aichi Now, Users consent to the methods and purposes of data processing by Google LLC as stated above.
Users who wish to opt out of the method of data collection used by Google Analytics are asked to use the "Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on."
The data collection method used by Google Analytics is determined by Google LLC’s Privacy Policy. For Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, please visit the Google Analytics Web Site.

Furthermore, the Prefecture and the Secretariat are not responsible for any damages incurred by use of Google Analytics and Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on services.

Article 6: Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. Any and all disputes arising out of or in connection with the Terms shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Nagoya District Court, Japan, in the first instance.

Article 7: Supplemental Provisions

These Terms shall come into force as of April 1, 2020.

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