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Four Seasons


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Handa Canal

One Day Course from Centrair: Discover the Various Brewing Techniques and Brewed Products That Made Handa City Famous

Handa City was one of the most prosperous cities in Edo Period Japan thanks to its brewing culture, creating fine sake, and a range of popular fragrant vinegars and soy sauce. See the old factories, warehouses and along with the canal made to export the regions wares.

Handa Red Brick Building / Kunizakari Sake Culture Museum. / Handa Canal / MIZKAN MUSEUM

Takeshima Aquarium

Gamagori History, Nature and Culture Course

Visit the Takeshima Aquariums weird and wonderful residents, discover literary culture, and the sacred Takeshima Island. Catch the superb views from lofty Mt Sangane.

Takeshima Aquarium / Seaside Literary Memorial Museum / Takeshima Island, Gamagori / Mt. Sangane Skyline

Laguna Ten Bosch

Two Day, One Night Fun and Relaxation Course from Nagoya Station

Take a day trip to seaside Gamagori and check out the great amusement park, shopping, dining and leisure spot, Laguna Ten Bosch. Relax in the Miya Onsen Hot Springs, before picking and eating your own fruit at the Gamagori Orange Park, and visit the underwater world of Takeshima Aquarium.

LAGUNA TEN BOSH / Miya Onsen Hot Springs / Gamagori Orange Park / Takeshima Aquarium, Gamagori / Nagoya Station

Two-day Samurai Castles and Culture Course

Two Day Samurai Castles and Culture Course

Discover the many differences in size, design, culture and history of just some of the samurai castles of Aichi in this 2 day, 4 castle tour. See a National Treasure samurai teahouse and go from the ancient to the new with one of Japans’ most modern hot spring resorts.

Komaki Castle / Inuyama Castle / Inuyama Castle Town/ Shirotomachi Museum (Inuyama Artifacts Museum) / Urakuen Japanese garden / National Treasure teahouse Jo-an / Inuyama Onsen Hot Spring / Kiyosu Castle / Nagoya Castle

Anjo, The City of Traditional Crafts, Devils and Denmark Course

Anjo, the City of Traditional Crafts, Devils and Denmark Course

Walk the Pathway of Demons, discover the manufacturing culture of traditional Japanese roofing tiles, and visit Denmark, Japan, on this day trip around the southern districts Aichi. Ideal for couples and families, particularly in the winter when everything is beautifully illuminated.

Oni Michi / Takahama City’s Kawara Roof Tile Museum / Anjo Industry Culture Park Denpark

Experience the Past, the Present and the Future around the Toyota Region

Experience the Past, the Present and the Future around the Toyota Region

Experience the past, the present and the future, traveling by rental car, visiting the ancestral home of the Tokugawa Shoguns, the third most popular amusement facility after Disneyland and Universal Studios, and taste the future at the Toyota Kaikan Museum.

Matsudaira Toshogu Shrine / Matsudaira-go / Toyota Kaikan Museum / Kariya Highway Oasis

Two Day, One Night Mikawa Region Real Japan Course

Two Day, One Night Mikawa Region Real Japan Course

See the real Japan on this enjoyable, relaxing, historical 2 day overnight tour of eastern Aichi’s Mikawa Region. Experience hot spring culture, leisure facilities, shopping and amusement rides, historical sites, and a fascinating zoo and botanical park. Ideal for families and couples too!

LAGUNA TEN BOSH / Miya Onsen Hot Spring / Futagawa Juku Honjin / Toyohashi Zoo & Botanical Park

Minami-Chita Romantic Couples’ Course

Minami-Chita Romantic Couples’ Course

A course ideal for couples, find love and romance in Aichi’s Chita Peninsula. Make memories visiting shrines dedicated to love, enjoy romantic scenes and fun places to visit together

Koinomizu Shrine / Minamichita Beach Land / Noma Lighthouse

Aichi’s Himakajima Island Summer Course

Aichi’s Himakajima Island Summer Course

Get away to cool off, swim, snorkel, walk, rest, fish, relax, play and eat seafood on picturesque Himakajima Island, just off the coast of Aichi.

Himakajima Island

Aichi’s Shinojima Day Trip and Island Walk Course

Aichi’s Shinojima Day Trip and Island Walk Course

Walk around the beautiful, historical Shinojima Island, rich in culture and offering some of Aichi’s best seafood too!

Shinojima Island / Great Shrine of Ise, Offertory Bream Drying Place / Kiyomasa Pillow Stone / Tsuri Tengoku

Eastern Aichi, Mikawa Region Ancient Tokaido Highway Route Course

Eastern Aichi, Mikawa Region Ancient Tokaido Highway Route Course

Take a trip along the ancient Tokaido Highway, as used by samurai, pilgrims, merchants and the travelers of old, and share the sights they saw. Visit traditional temples and shrines, samurai lodgings and remnants of the old route.

Toyokawa Inari Shrine / Goyu Pine Tree Colonnade / Goyu-shuku Museumu / Futagawa Juku Honjin

Toyota Stadium

A Two Day, One Night Toyota City Course: Sports, Nature, and History

Support your favorite team at a sports game at the City of Toyota Stadium, then raise your glass in cheers at a local pub. Stay overnight in Toyota City, and take the next day to stroll around the remarkable areas of Matsudaira-Go, Asuke Townscape, and Korankei gorge.

City of Toyota Stadium / Booby's British Pub TOYOTA / Matsudaira-Go / Korankei and Old Streets of Asuke

Sengoku to Meiji Period History and Culture Course

Sengoku to Meiji Period History and Culture Course

Take in thousands of years worth of Japanese history and culture, visiting the oldest remaining National Treasure listed samurai castle, see ancient cormorant fishing techniques, and be amazed at the Japan of 100 years ago at a stunning open air museum.

Inuyama Castle / Kiso River Ukai / The Museum Meiji-Mura

Oasis 21

Two Day, One Night Nagoya City Sights and Shopping Course

See the sights and shops of cosmopolitan Nagoya City. Enjoy the world class aquarium, see the past, present, and future of Japan’s extensive and impressive rail system, shop at futuristic Oasis 21, and catch a show at the world's largest planetarium.

Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium / SCMAGLEV and Railway Park / Oasis 21 Sakae / Nagoya City Science Museum (Nagoya-shi Kagakukan)

Himakajima Island

Two Day Overnight Course from Centrair : See the Picturesque Island of Himakajima

Enjoy the sights and the delicacies of Himakajima, the Island of the Octopus.

Himakajima Island

Half-Day Tour from Centrair: Enjoy Aichi’s Brewing Culture

Half-Day Tour from Centrair: Enjoy Aichi’s Brewing Culture

Near the gateway to central Japan, Centrair International Airport, lies the quaint city of Handa, famed for its brewing of sake, sauces and vinegar for hundreds of years! Discover how and why Handa became such a financial powerhouse during the days of the samurai on this half-day course.


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