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Two Day Samurai Castles and Culture Course Total Distance:51.2km Total Time:20hours
Discover the many differences in size, design, culture and history of just some of the samurai castles of Aichi in this 2 day, 4 castle tour. See a National Treasure samurai teahouse and go from the ancient to the new with one of Japans’ most modern hot spring resorts.

Course Contents


Komaki Castle→(10 minutes by taxi)→ Meitetsu Komaki Station→(20 minutes by train, change trains at途中Inuyama Station)Meitetsu Inuyama-yuen Station→(12 minutes walk)→ Inuyama Castle → (about 10 minutes walk) → Castle town / Shirotomachi Museum → (about 5 minutes walk) → Urakuen Garden, Jo-an Teahouse→ Inuyama Onsen Hot Springs


Inuyama Onsen Hot Spring →(12 minutes walk)→ Inuyama-yuen Station →(50 minutes by train) Meitetsu Shin-Kiyosu Station→(10 minutes by taxi)→  Kiyosu Castle → (10 minutes by taxi)→ MeitetsuShin-Kiyosu Station(15 minutes by train) → Meitetsu Nagoya Station →(about 20 minutes by Me~guru bus)→Nagoya Castle



Komaki-CityKomaki Castle

Nobunaga’s Stepping Stone to Victory, Komaki Castle
Komaki Castle is a small but historically and strategically important castle, constructed in 1563 atop 86m high Mt Komaki, providing unhindered views across the Nobi Plain, The castle would be the first to make extensive use of defensive stonework, and would serve as a template for the future magnificent Azuchi Castle. See more >


Inuyama-CityInuyama Castle

Japan’s Oldest National Treasure Castle
Inuyama Castle is the oldest remaining of just 5 castle keeps designated as National Treasures. The Warring States period structure displays graceful, elegant curves and traditional architecture that belies its harsh, military background. A must see on your trip through Japan! See more >


Inuyama-CityInuyama Castle Town/ Shirotomachi Museum (Inuyama Artifacts Museum)

Discover Castle Town Inuyama’s Rich Culture and Ancient History
This fascinating museum delves into the history and culture of Inuyama Castle, and the castle town. Includes displays of festival floats, artifacts from the areas ancient burial mounds, and weapons and armor of the samurai. See more >


Inuyama-CityUrakuen Japanese Garden / National Treasure Teahouse Jo-an

A Masterpiece of Tea Ceremony Architecture, National Treasure Teahouse Jo-an
The castle town of Inuyama must be the only place in the world featuring two National Treasures, once owned by two brothers from two different worlds. Inuyama has the National Treasure Inuyama Castle, once owned by the warlord Oda Nobunaga. Nearby is the early 17th Century Jo-an Teahouse, built by tea-master Oda Uraku, younger brother of Nobunaga! See more >



Kiyosu-CityKiyosu Castle

Nobunaga’s Seat of Power, Kiyosu Castle
Kiyosu castle was built around 1405, and captured by Oda Nobunaga in 1555, killing his brother in the process. He made it his seat of power and residence, launching many major battles from the fortress. Thanks to foreign missionaries’ reports back to Europe, the castle came to be known as “One of the Greatest Castles on Earth”. See more >


Nagoya-CityNagoya Castle

Magnificent Nagoya Castle, Japan’s Castle of War and Peace
A symbol of Nagoya City, Nagoya Castle was built in 1610 by Tokugawa Ieyasu. It was one of the largest, best designed castles in Japan. The impressive keep has the greatest floor-space of any Japanese castle. The partially opened, traditionally rebuilt gorgeous Honmaru Palace is a must see! See more >
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