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Kiyosu-City Kiyosu Castle

  • Kiyosu Castle
  • Kiyosu Castle
  • Kiyosu Castle
  • Kiyosu Castle
  • Kiyosu Castle
  • Kiyosu Castle
  • Kiyosu Castle
  • Kiyosu Castle
  • Kiyosu Castle

Experience the town of Kiyosu that once was

Kiyosu Castle was the starting point of local feudal lord and hero Oda Nobunaga on his campaign to conquer all of Japan at a time when it was made up of several warring factions. The castle is said to have actually existed in what is now Kiyosu Park, but the four-story castle tower with golden tiger-fish roof ornaments was rebuilt in its current location in 1989.
Experience all that Kiyosu was during the tumultuous Warring States period—from the hustle and bustle of its castle town streets to the lifestyles of its warriors—in addition to matchlock gun firings, the chance to wear samurai armor, and more. A volunteer Kiyosu Castle Warrior Brigade even graces the castle town streets from time to time.

• Trying on armor and kimono, appearances by warrior and princess staff, and picture-story shows canceled to prevent the spread of infection.

The Kiyosu Castle Warrior Brigade's enticing paper picture-story shows

Kiyosu Castle

After Nobunaga passed away, the Kiyosu Conference was held to decide his successor and was the historic happening on which Director Koki Mitani based his hit comedy movie by the same title. At the castle, clear paper picture-stories portray the way the warriors' expectations of becoming the new ruler weaved a tapestry of chaos in an enticing show. Lord Shibata Katsuie and Lady Chacha from the Kiyosu Castle Warrior Brigade act as storytellers as they relay the riveting tale. While a traditional Japanese show using pictures to help tell the story, it is absolutely action-packed.

• Shows available at the Kiyosu Conference Corner on the third floor of the castle tower in 15-min. intervals from 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, 2:00 pm, and 3:00 pm on weekends and national holidays.

Former Kiyosu Castle Ruins Park is actually a spot steeped in romanticism?

Kiyosu Castle

Take a trip a little further down the Gojo River from the current castle tower and you'll find the Former Kiyosu Castle Ruins Park on both banks. A stone monument is erected where the actual castle tower once stood at the park entrance with a small shrine worshipping Lord Oda Nobunaga a little further in. Bronze statues of Nobunaga and Princess No stand as symbols of Nobunaga's wish to unify the country and the first steps as man and wife, making it known as a "Place for New Beginnings" and a romantic spot.

Some of the most beautiful nighttime cherry blossoms

Kiyosu Castle

Gojo River and the Kiyosu Castle and Kiyosu Park areas come alive with the light pinks of Somei Yoshino cherry blossoms from late March during the Kiyosu Castle Cherry Blossom Festival. Once nighttime falls, the blossoms are illuminated and paper lanterns reflect off the river's surface in a surreal spectacle.


  • Multipurpose toilet
  • Souvenirs
  • Parking
  • Wi-Fi
Location : 〒452-0932
1-1 Shiroyashiki, Asahi, Kiyosu-shi, Aichi
Fee : • Adults: JPY 400 (JPY 300 for groups)
• Elementary and junior high school students: JPY 200 (JPY 150 for groups)

• Free of charge for young children.
• "Groups" refers to parties of 30 people or more.
• Prices are subject to change. Check the official site, etc. for the most up-to-date information.
days / hours
: • Kiyosu Castle Tower: 9:00 am–4:30 pm
• Arts and Culture Museum: 9:00 am–5:00 pm
• Kiyosu Castle Park's Multipurpose Field: Sunrise–9:00 pm (sunrise–sunset during Nov–Mar)
Parking : Available, free of charge (113 standard-size vehicle spaces and 9 bus spaces. Available 9:00 am–5:00 pm)
Restrooms : Available
Holidays : Mon. (the following day if Mon coincides with a national or make-up holiday) and the Year-end/New Year holiday (Dec 29–31)

• Open every during the cherry blossom season and Golden Week holiday period.
Phone number : 052-409-7330

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  • Access by public transport
    Access by public transport
    • 15-min. (1.2-km) walk south from Kiyosu Station on the JR Tokaido Main Line (board from JR Nagoya Station).
    • 12-min. (1-km) walk north from Shin Kiyosu Station on the Meitetsu Nagoya Line (board from Meitetsu Nagoya Station).
  • Access by car
    Access by car
    • Approx. 5 min. (1.9 km) west from Kiyosu Exit on the Nagoya Expressway 6 Kiyosu Route (toward Route 302 to Tobishima, then left, southbound at the intersection with Route 153).
    • Approx. 5 min. (1.7 km) west from Kiyosu-Higashi Exit on the Nagoya Daini Kanjo (Mei-Nikan) Expressway (along Route 302 to Tobishima, then left, southbound at the intersection with Route 153).
    • Approx. 10 min. (3.4 km) northeast from Jimokuji-Kita Exit on the Nagoya Daini Kanjo (Mei-Nikan) Expressway via Routes 128 and 127.

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