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Nagoya-CityCafé Restaurant & Guest House - Nishiasahi

  • Café Restaurant & Guest House - Nishiasahi
  • Café Restaurant & Guest House - Nishiasahi
  • Café Restaurant & Guest House - Nishiasahi
  • Café Restaurant & Guest House - Nishiasahi
  • Café Restaurant & Guest House - Nishiasahi

Café, Restaurant, Guest House. Welcome to Nishiasahi!

Nishiasahi is located at the Endoji Shopping Gallery Street, part of the road that connected Nagoya Station to Nagoya Castle. A long time ago, this place was where merchants would gather and establish and prosper, and today it is probably the market street in Nagoya that most faithfully preserved its air and charm. Despite being surrounded by skyscrapers and elevated highways, this nostalgic corner of the city still has several old “Shirakabe Dozo” buildings - those with the charming white mud walls - and “Nagaya” - the row houses with narrow fronts and connected by a single roof. Amidst this thick and rich history and environment, Nishiasahi Café strived for 80 long years, and is now reopen after extensive reforms and repairs. Now reborn also as Guest House, it is a simple but lively establishment that all day long sees lots of guests leaving for errands or sightseeing and coming back jolly and smiling. The first floor is the café and restaurant that to this day still serves the egg sandwich that made the establishment famous in its younger days. There also plenty of space for meetings or small social gatherings. On the second floor, two types of frugal lodging await the guests: choose between “Washitsu” (Japanese Room lined with tatami) or the spacious and fun wooden bunker beds. All accommodations are equipped with reading light, power outlets, handy hangers, towel bars and storage receptacles. Free Wi-Fi is also available. The entire facility is non-smoking. Near the accommodation area, a small but rather cozy common space serves as mess hall, kitchen and resting place. Shower rooms, sanitary installations and sinks for personal hygiene are also of common use among all guests, with complete protection of privacy during their use.

Bunker Bed Accommodations

  • Café Restaurant & Guest House - Nishiasahi
  • Café Restaurant & Guest House - Nishiasahi
  • Café Restaurant & Guest House - Nishiasahi


Location : 〒451-0042
1-6-13, Nagono, Nishi-Ward, Nagoya-City, Aichi
: 052-551-6800
: 052-551-6801
number of rooms : 10
Fee : Less than yen5,000
Check-in : 15:00
Check-out : 11:00
: CAFE & RESTAURANT 11:30 AM to 11:00 PM
: Available
Inquiries in
: OK
Website :

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