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Must-Go For History Buffs! - Touring the Historic Spots of Owari Drive Total Time:About 7 hour

Course Contents

Central Japan International Airport CENTRAIR →(About 55 minutes)→ Kiyosu Castle →(About 30 minutes)→ Tagata Shrine →(About 10 minutes)→ Oagata Shrine →(About 20 minutes)→ National Treasure Inuyama Castle → Return Vehicle to Its Shop or Set Next Destination



Kiyosu-CityKiyosu Castle

Kiyosu Castle, Once The Greatest Castle On Earth
One of the more important and historically significant castles in Japan’s Sengoku, or Warring States Period, was Kiyosu Castle, built between 1394 and 1427 as a major strategic defense, and later the seat of power for the Owari (western Aichi) region. Local warlord and hero, Oda Nobunaga, first of the Three Unifiers of Japan, captured the castle in 1555 and used it as his base for many years. During that time, Kiyosu grew to be one of the more vibrant cities, spurred on by Nobunaga’s economic reforms and heightened security. See more >
  • 1.2.3.Kiyosu Castle


Komaki-CityTagata Shrine

A strange festival involving the dedication of a giant symbol of manhood made of Japanese cypress
Tagata Jinja Shrine dates back over 1,500 years and is filled with man-made and naturally formed penis shaped items. Despite its risqué image and symbolism, the festival celebrating fertility and renewal is a cultural event, steeped in history and mythology. See more >
  • 1.2.3.Tagata Jinja Shrine


Inuyama-CityOagata Shrine

Owari's Ninomiya Shrine, where Himenomiya, guardian deity of women, is enshrined
A historic shrine that is said to have been transferred to its current location in the year 3 B.C. The present shrine was reconstructed in 1661, and has been designated as one of the nation's important cultural properties. Himenomiya, called the guardian deity of women, is enshrined within the precincts and is worshiped as a deity of safe childbirth, having children, women's diseases and matchmaking. See more >
  • 1.2.3.Oagata Shrine


Inuyama-CityNational Treasure Inuyama Castle

The Treasures of Inuyama
Only 12 original castles remain in original condition across Japan. Of those 12, only five are allocated National Treasure status. The smallest, and oldest of these is Inuyama Castle, dating from around 1440, although the current structure dates from almost a century later. See more >
  • 1.2.3.National Treasure Inuyama Castle
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