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Two Day, One Night Fun and Relaxation Course from Nagoya Station Total Distance:69.1km Total Time:5hours
Take a day trip to seaside Gamagori and check out the great amusement park, shopping, dining and leisure spot, Laguna Ten Bosch. Relax in the Miya Onsen Hot Springs, before picking and eating your own fruit at the Gamagori Orange Park, and visit the underwater world of Takeshima Aquarium.

Course Contents

Day 1.

Start from Nagoya Station→(about 40 minutes train ride) →JR Gamagori Station→(catch the free shuttle bus, about 15 minutes) →Laguna Ten Bosch→(10 minute taxi ride) →Miya Onsen Hot Springs

Day 2.

Miya Onsen→(15 minute taxi ride) →Gamagori Orange Park→(15 minute taxi ride) →Takeshima Aquarium→(walk about 15 minutes) →JR Gamagori Station →(40 minute train ride) →Nagoya Station




Have Fun at Aichi’s Premier Amusement Spot
Ride the fun attractions, including roller coasters, a Ferris wheel, merry-go-rounds, and more. Shop in the Festival Market Outlet and Bazaar, and enjoy a meal in one of the many restaurants and cafes overlooking the sea. Play in the water park or by the beach, and end your day with fireworks, illumination, and 3D mapping shows. See more >


Gamagori CityMiya Onsen Hot Springs

Relax in a 1,200-Year-Old Hot Spring at Miya Onsen
Soak away your stress and fatigue and enjoy the ocean views at one of the oldest and most popular hot spring resorts in Gamagori's picturesque 1,200-year-old Miya Onsen. See more >



Gamagori CityGamagori Orange Park

Fruit Picking and Eating at Gamagori Orange Park
Pick all-you-can-eat in-season fruits, including mikan mandarin oranges, strawberries, grapes and melons at this fun fruit park. See more >


Gamagori CityTakeshima Aquarium, Gamagori

Enjoy a Small Aquarium with a Big Population, Takeshima Aquarium in Gamagori
The Takeshima Aquarium in Gamagori claims to have the largest number of fish and marine life in Japan. Even counting the number of species alone is a daunting task. See more >


Nagoya CityNagoya Station

See more >
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