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Kariya-City Kariya Highway Oasis

  • Kariya Highway Oasis
  • Kariya Highway Oasis
  • Kariya Highway Oasis

Kariya Highway Oasis, Japan’s Third Most Popular Amusement Facility

This is incredible!…The Kariya Highway Oasis is a highway stop area on the Isewangan Expressway, part of the major Tomei Expressway route. It is also Japan’s third most popular amusement facility after Tokyo Disneyland and Osaka’s Universal Studios Japan!

The area is basically a highway parking rest area, however, this stop offers more than just toilet facilities and cheap snacks. It’s a full on amusement and shopping facility enjoyable all year round.

The giant 60m high Ferris Wheel is the focal point of Kariya Highway Oasis. It is illuminated at night and can be seen for miles around. Likewise, the 360-degree view from the comfortable air-conditioned gondolas is just as fine night and day, and a single 360-degree spin takes a leisurely 12 minutes to complete. Below it are the amusement rides, with go-carts, Merry-go-rounds, and other fun attractions. Most being very well priced too, ranging on average from 50 to 100 yen, and the lines are nowhere near as long as Kariya’s rival theme parks.

There are free field activity areas including an athletic and health playground equipment area. A fun water park operates in the summer months, while visitors in winter can warm their feet in the foot-baths, or soak away the driving aches and pains in the hot springs and sauna, or try yoga in the resort section.

The shopping arcades invite you to browse, and the food courts and restaurants invite you to indulge. Locally caught fresh seafood and freshly grown fruits, vegetables and market produce is also available in the Sanchoku Market Oasis Farm, with prices much cheaper than most supermarkets. For that reason, the highway stop is a popular shopping area amongst the locals too.

Kariya Highway Oasis also boasts the best bathroom facilities in toilet crazy Japan! In fact, some people visit just to see the women’s only Deluxe Toilet, decorated with flower arrangements, and featuring carpeted upholstery and even a sofa to relax on,…it truly is a rest room! (People have even taken their lunch into the toilet block to eat, that’s how clean and relaxing they are!)

Kariya Highway Oasis is an ideal leisure spot for couples and for families. Access is via the main highway, or from the back roads, used by the locals.
So when you’re tired of Mickey Mouse and Hollywood, head to Kariya and the nation’s third most popular amusement facility, Kariya Highway Oasis.


  • Multipurpose toilet
  • Souvenirs
  • Parking
  • Restaurant
  • Bus Stop
  • Nursing room
  • Wi-Fi
Location : 〒448-0007
55, Yoshino, Higashizakai-cho, Kariya-City, Aichi
Fee : Admission free. Fee for Kakitsubata Hot Spring: adults 820 yen, children 410 yen. Some other facilities require fees.
days / hours
: Open 7:00 to 22:00, Natural Hot Spring Kakitsubata no Yu: 9:00 to 23:00 (last admission at 22:15) (Opening hours may vary according to facilities)
Parking : Highway parking: about 600 spaces, roadside parking: about 1,000 spaces
Holidays : Open everyday. Natural Hot Spring Kakitsubata no Yu: 15th of every month. Oasis Farm: January 1 to January 3.
Phone number : 0566-35-0211

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  • Access by public transport
    Access by public transport
    ・From Nagoya Station, take the JR Tokaido Line. Alight at Kariya station and take the Kariya city public facilities communication bus. Alight at "Kariya Highway Oasis" stop and 1 minutes walk.
    ・From Nagoya Station, take the Meitestu
    Mikawa line. Alight at Kariya station and take the Kariya city public facilities ommunication bus. Alight at "Kariya Highway Oasis" stop and 1 minutes walk.
    ・From Nagoya Station, take the Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line. Alight at Chiryu station and take the Meitetsu Bus. Alight at "Highway Oasis Nishiguchi" stop and 1 minutes walk.
  • Access by car
    Access by car
    Isewangan Expressway Kariya P.A .
    20 minutes from the Isewangan Expressway Toyota Minami I.C.

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