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Experience the Past, the Present and the Future around the Toyota Region Total Distance:29.5km Total Time:5hours
Experience the past, the present and the future, traveling by rental car, visiting the ancestral home of the Tokugawa Shoguns, the third most popular amusement facility after Disneyland and Universal Studios, and taste the future at the Toyota Kaikan Museum.

Course Contents

Matsudaira Toshogu Shrine / Matsudaira-go→(20 minutes by renta-car)→ Toyota Kaikan Museum→(25 minutes by renta-car)Kariya Highway Oasis


Toyota-CityMatsudaira Toshogu Shrine / Matsudaira-go

Trace the Origins of the Mighty Tokugawa Clan
Built on the site of the former moat surrounded Matsudaira clan residence below their ancient castle, is the Matsudaira Toshogu Shrine, worshiping the Matsudaira, ancestors of the Tokugawa clan. Discover the roots of the Tokugawa, and feel the spiritual history. Sacred water from the ancient well is said to be beneficial to longevity.See more >


Toyota-CityToyota Kaikan Museum

A Vision of the Future, Toyota Kaikan Museum
A corporate museum exhibiting Toyota’s newest makes and models, including hybrids and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, environmental and safety technology, and see Toyota’s intelligent, performing robots too!See more >


Kariya-CityKariya Highway Oasis

Japan’s Third Most Popular Amusement Facility, Karita Highway Oasis
Japan’s third most popular amusement facility after Tokyo Disneyland and Osaka’s Universal Studios Japan, is the Kariya Highway Oasis. Featuring shopping arcades, hot springs, food courts, restaurants, amusement ride attractions and so much more. Boasts the best bathroom facilities in toilet crazy Japan too! Kariya Highway Oasis is an ideal leisure spot!See more >
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