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Two Day, One Night Mikawa Region Real Japan Course Total Distance:36.4km Total Time:20hours
See the real Japan on this enjoyable, relaxing, historical 2 day overnight tour of eastern Aichi’s Mikawa Region. Experience hot spring culture, leisure facilities, shopping and amusement rides, historical sites, and a fascinating zoo and botanical park. Ideal for families and couples too!

Course Contents


Laguna Ten Bosch→(10 minutes by taxi) →Miya Onsen Hot Springs


Miya Onsen Hot Spring→(8 minutes by taxi)JR Mikawa Miya Sta.(50 minutes by train)→ JR Futagawa Sta.(15 minutes walk)→ Futagawa Juku Honjin→(10 minutes walk)Toyohashi Zoo & Botanical Park




Have Fun at Aichi’s Premier Amusement, shopping, dining and Leisure Spot
Ride the fun attractions, including roller coasters, Ferris Wheel, merry go rounds, and more. Shop in the Festival Market Outlet and Bazaar, and enjoy a meal in one of the many restaurants and cafes overlooking the sea. Play in the water park or by the sandy beach, enjoy fireworks or illumination and 3D mapping shows. See more >


Gamagori-CityMiya Onsen Hot Spring

Experience Japanese Hot Spring Culture at the 1,200 Year-old Gamagori Miya Onsen
For over 1,200 years Gamagori’s seaside Miya Onsen hot spring spa has been one of the most popular of Gamagori’s many resorts. Every October, the 300 year-old Miya Festival, featuring huge 6m high gold and lacquered Yama festival floats that are carried into the sea, is staged nearby. See more >



Toyohashi-CityFutagawa Juku Honjin

Futagawa Juku Honjin, the Last of the Post Town Samurai Lodgings
Step backing time and see one of the very few remaining Honjin, special lodgings for high ranking samurai and elite along the old Tokaido Highway. See more >


Toyohashi-CityToyohashi Zoo & Botanical Park

A Zoo, A Botanical Garden, Amusement Park, and Natural History Museum All In One Place
Non Hoi Park is 40 hectares of zoo, botanical garden, natural history museum, and amusement park. A fun place for people of all ages, to learn and play! Over 900 animals of 170 species on display, and even dinosaurs too! See more >
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