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Leisurely Stroll to Enjoy the Traditional Scenery of Handa's "Kura no Machi" Course Total Time:1 to 3 hours
Starting from the Handa Canal, which prospered in the Edo period, the Handa "Kura no Machi" course allows you to enjoy the traditional scenery with a small reward of a chilled beer to quench your thirst at the end! The black storehouses are painted with coal tar to protect the walls from the sea air. The Konya Kaido is a narrow road, colored so as to be easily identified, and you can reach the Handa Red Brick Building just by following it.

Course Contents


Handa-CityHanda Canal & Kura no Machi Storehouses District

In Handa City, Aichi Prefecture, the sake and vinegar brewing industry is thriving, and the blackboard-enclosed storehouses that represent the brewing industry are still active along the Handa Canal. As you walk through Kura no Machi, which was selected as one of the Ministry of the Environment's 100 Most Fragrant Landscapes, you can smell the faint scent of vinegar along the Handa Canal. See more >
  • Handa Canal & Kura no Machi Storehouses District


Handa-CityHanroku Garden

The garden of the Nakano family, a wealthy merchant, is open to the public.
Hanroku refers to Hanroku Nakano, a member of a famous family that prospered in the shipping and brewing industries during the Edo period. The garden of the Nakano family, which Hanroku loved so much, is open to the public and serves as a place of hospitality for tourists. The black walls of the four storehouses have been beautifully repainted, and toilets and a bower are also installed, so the spot is perfect for strolling and resting. Incidentally, it is said that because this circuit-style Japanese garden was close to the sea, seawater was drawn in, and the water level of the fountain rose and fell according to the ebb and flow of the tide. See more >
  • Hanroku Garden


Handa-CityFormer Oguri Family Residence

A mansion left by one of Handa’s leading wealthy merchants, said to have been built in the early Meiji Era
Presumed to have been built in the early Meiji Era, this store and mansion belonged to the Oguri family, one of the wealthiest merchant families in Handa, who ran a brewing business.
The main building is a two-story building with a hipped roof and a tiled roof, and the road side surrounded by majestic latticework that creates the atmosphere of an old family was used as the former headquarters office of Mansan Shoten.
The back of the building is an expansive residential area, which is connected to the shop area by a dirt floor. The social status of the house is enhanced by a majestic two-ken (3.6 m)-wide wooden platform at the front of the entrance to the residence, and by the thick beams with conspicuous grain in vertical stripe forms that support the second floor.
It was registered as a national registered tangible cultural property in 2004 due to its appearance, combining historical significance and atmosphere.
* As it is normally closed to the public, you can only observe its facade.
See more >
  • Former Oguri Family Residence


Handa-CityNakano Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. Kunizakari Sake-no-Bunkakan Museum

A historic sake brewery where you can feel the breath of the ancient brewers
As sung in an old song, "Chita’s Handa is the town of breweries," the spot boasts a history of more than 300 years of brewing culture. This is a sake museum housed in a sake brewery in its original state, where sake was actually brewed for about 200 years until 1972. See more >
  • Nakano Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. Kunizakari Sake-no-Bunkakan Museum


Handa-CityKonya-kaido Street

This was a busy street with many dye shops during the Edo Period (1603-1867). In some areas, a nostalgic townscape has been preserved, making it ideal for strolling. Follow the ochre line pavement and you will arrive at the Handa Canal and Handa Red Brick Building without getting lost. See more >
  • Konya-kaido Street


Handa-CityHanda Red Brick Building (Handa Akarenga Tatemono)

Cheers to Handa's Red Brick Building, the Old Kabuto Beer Brewery
An old red brick building with weather-battered outer walls that may even give the impression that it is abandoned. But in reality, it houses a museum, and is used as a charming venue for animated festivals and cultural events! See more >
  • Handa Red Brick Building (Handa Akarenga Tatemono)
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