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Eastern Aichi, Mikawa Region Ancient Tokaido Highway Route Course Total Distance:29.2km Total Time:5hours
Take a trip along the ancient Tokaido Highway, as used by samurai, pilgrims, merchants and the travelers of old, and share the sights they saw. Visit traditional temples and shrines, samurai lodgings and remnants of the old route.

Course Contents

Toyokawa Inari Shrine→(7 minutes walk)→ Meitetsu Toyokawa Inari Station(15 minutes by train)
Meitetsu Goyu Station → (walk 15 minutes)Goyu Pine Tree Colonnade / Goyu-Shuku Museum→(walk 15 minutes)Meitetsu Goyu Station → (15 minutes by train ※Change trains at Toyohashi Station to the JR Line)→ JR Futagawa Station (Walk 15 minutes)→ Futagawa Juku Honjin


Toyokawa-CityToyokawa Inari Shrine

The Temple and Shrine of The Fox Gods, Toyokawa Inari
A rare example of a Buddhist temple and a Shinto shrine in one, and dedicated to the God of Foxes! Experience the history and culture of this fascinating place. Be enthralled by the hundreds of fox statues. See more >


Toyokawa-CityGoyu Pine Tree Colonnade / Goyu-shuku Museumu

Toyokawa’s Historical Tokaido Pine Tree Colonnade, the Famed Goyu-Shuku
The Tokkaido highway between Edo, (Tokyo) and the old capital, Kyoto, featured 53 designated post towns. Stretches of black pine along certain lengths of the highway provided shade and shelter for travelers. Today, the only remaining rows of pines are at Goyu-Shuku, in Toyokawa. See the 600m long colonnade and the Tokaido museum too. See more >


Toyohashi-CityFutagawa Juku Honjin

Futagawa Juku Honjin, the Post Town Samurai Lodgings
Step backing time and see one of the very few remaining Honjin, lodgings reserved especially for high ranking samurai and elite traveling along the old Tokaido Highway. See more >
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