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Toyokawa-City Goyu Pine Tree Colonnade

  • Goyu Pine Tree Colonnade
  • Goyu Pine Tree Colonnade
  • Goyu Pine Tree Colonnade

Toyokawa’s Historical Tokaido Pine Tree Colonnade, Goyu-Shuku

The Tokkaido highway was the ancient route along the eastern provinces of Japan stretching between Edo, (modern day Tokyo) and the old capital, Kyoto. 53 post town stops along the route provided travelers with a place to eat, refresh and stay overnight. The route was also lined with a great number of shrines, temples, and stretches of black pine, planted along certain lengths of the highway to provide shade and shelter for travelers. The old Tokaido has mostly been swallowed up by the modern world, and the only remaining rows of black pines remain at Goyu, in Toyokawa.

Established in 1601 under orders from Tokugawa Ieyasu, the 35th of the 53 post-stations along the Tokaido was Goyu-Shuku. It was situated at the point where the Tokaido and the Motosaka Road to the Motosaka Pass branched off, and as such was a bustling and prosperous area.

Maintained by the local residents, around 350 trees have survived typhoon damage, and outbreaks of pine eating pests, and remains as a 600m colonnade of pine trees, designated a Japanese Natural Monument.

Take a walk along the narrow historical route, and you’ll feel like the samurai, merchants and pilgrims of old who traveled the Tokaido. There is even a small museum opened in 1988 dedicated to the Tokaido, the Goyu post town, and the colonnade of pine trees.


Location : 〒441-0211
Ichinohashi, Goyu-cho, Toyokawa-City, Aichi
Phone number : 0533-89-2206

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  • Access by public transport
    Access by public transport
    ・From Nagoya Station, take the Meitetsu Main line bound for Toyohashi. Alight at Kohu station and take the Meitetsu Main line bound for Higashi-Okazaki. Alight at Goyu station and 5minutes walk.
  • Access by car
    Access by car
    Approx. 10 minutes from the Tomei Expressway Otowa-Gamagori I.C.

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