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A Hit with Kids! Let's Go Meet Lots of Living Creatures.
Many kids love the animals like wolves, raccoons, jellyfish, and pigeons that appear in fables. Don't miss out on the chance to meet Aichi Prefecture's star animals, as beloved as the characters from storybooks!

Course Contents

Start at Ghibli Park → (40 min by car) → Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens → (30 min by car) → Stay in Nagoya City → (20 min by car) → Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium


Nagoya-CityHigashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens

A Fluffy Animal Lover’s Paradise!
This sprawling 600,000 m2 complex is home to a zoo, botanical garden, amusement park, and Higashiyama Sky Tower. The zoo is home to the largest number of animals in Japan, with over 450 species. And the amusement park is perfect for a day of fun and excitement.

[Key Features]
・A western gorilla gaining popularity for its strikingly handsome features.
・Koalas, considered the zoo's ultimate idols, captivate visitors with their undeniable cuteness, resembling cuddly stuffed toys.
・The botanical garden showcases the natural terrain to its fullest, creating an enchanting atmosphere that changes with the seasons.
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Nagoya-CityPort of Nagoya Public Aquarium

An Impressive Display: A Tornado of 35,000 Sardines
Step into a world of wonder at the museum's recreated oceans from around the globe. Don't miss the swirling Sardine Tornado or the cloud of glowing Jellyfish in the Jellyfish Gallery.

[Key Features]
・Sea turtles are also actively involved in breeding research
・Live coral aquariums featuring the beautiful formations created by living coral
・Emperor penguins, a rare sight in Japan, can only be seen in two facilities in the country
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