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Sengoku to Meiji Period History and Culture Course Total Distance:13.2km Total Time:5hours
Take in thousands of years worth of Japanese history and culture, visiting the oldest remaining National Treasure listed samurai castle, see ancient cormorant fishing techniques, and be amazed at the Japan of 100 years ago at a stunning open air museum.

Course Contents

Inuyama Castle →(10 minutes walk)→ Kiso River Ukai→ (3 minutes walk) → Meitetsu Inuyama-yuen Station.(2 minutes by train)Meitetsu Inuyama Station→(20 minutes by bus)→ The Museum Meiji Mura


Inuyama-CityInuyama Castle

Japan’s Oldest National Treasure Castle
Inuyama Castle is the oldest remaining of just 5 castle keeps designated as National Treasures. The Warring States period structure displays graceful, elegant curves and traditional architecture that belies its harsh, military background. A must see on your trip through Japan! See more >


Inuyama-CityKiso River Ukai Cormorant Fishing

Cormorants on the Kiso, Traditional Cormorant Fishing
Witness special daytime exhibitions of the fascinating traditional fishing technique called Ukai, using tethered cormorants to scoop up the fish and return them to their masters in long, flat bottomed boats. Note: Reservations required. See more >


Inuyama-CityThe Museum Meiji-Mura

Experience the Days of Meiji Period Japan, at Open-Air Museum Meiji Mura
Meiji Mura is an open-air museum of historical architecture, structures and items from the Meiji Period (1868-1912) arranged in a theme park-like village in historical Inuyama city. See more >
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