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One Day Shrine, Temple, Historical Town and Traditional Craft Course Total Distance:12.5km Total Time:5.5hours
Experience Japanese history and culture at sacred Atsuta Jingu, Japan’s 2nd most venerated Shinto shrine, and see the ancient forest, and the protective wall built by war-lord Oda Nobunaga in thanks for his victory at Okehazama. Visit the splendid Buddhist temple of Kasadera Kannon before following the Tokaido to the old textiles towns Arimatsu and Narumi, and try your hand at the traditional tie-dying techniques.

Course Contents

Start at Atsuta Shrine, then→(walk 5 minutes) →Meitetsu Jingu Mae Station→(7 minute train ride) →Moto Kasadera Station→(walk 5 minutes) →Kasadera Kannon Temple→(walk 5 minutes) →Moto Kasadera Station→(8 minute train ride) →Arimatsu Station→(Walk 5 minutes) →Arimatsu Narumi Traditional Townscapes →(enjoy walking the old Tokaido) →Arimatsu Narumi Shibori Museum.



Nagoya CityAtsuta Jingu (Atsuta Shrine)

Sacred Atsuta Jingu Shinto Shrine
Feel the history and spiritual draw of Japan’s 2nd most important Shinto shrine. Relax in the forests of the precincts, and check out the Nobunaga Wall, dedicated by war-lord and local hero, Oda Nobunaga. See more >


Nagoya CityKasadera Kannon Temple

Ancient Kasadera Kannon Buddhist Temple
Discover the fascinating story behind this ancient temple on the old Tokaido highway, and its connections to Miyamoto Musashi, the greatest swordsman of all time, and to the wandering poet, Matsuo Basho. See more >


Nagoya CityArimatsu Narumi Traditional Townscapes

Enjoy the Traditional Townscapes of Arimatsu Narumi
See the old towns on the old Tokaido Highway, with historical buildings taking you back to old Japan. inspect the traditional tie-dyed textiles. See more >


Nagoya CityArimatsu Narumi Shibori Museum

Arimatsu Narumi Shibori Museum and Tie-Dye Experience
Visit the Arimatsu Narumi Shibori Museum and view the many processes and range of designs of this nationally famous traditional tie-dyeing technique. Book in advance to experience making your own apron, handkerchief, t-shirt or towel. See more >
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