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Shinshiro-City Atera-no-Nanataki Waterfall

  • Atera-no-Nanataki Waterfall
  • Atera-no-Nanataki Waterfall
  • Atera-no-Nanataki Waterfall

Nature's Sacred Mysteries! A Multi-Level Waterfall

The name of this magical waterfall is derived from the seven falls it comprises ("nana" meaning seven, "taki" meaning waterfall). The waterfall and the surrounding area are designated as a place of scenic beauty and a natural monument. The conglomerate stone under the waterfall is called "Kodakara-ishi" and is said to help people have children. There is also an opening (a hollow in the rock) of some 7 meters wide within which you can sense the mysteries of nature. Every year on the last Sunday of July, the townspeople holds the Atera-no-Nanataki Festival, with simple but curious attractions to celebrate both the place and the summer season.


  • Parking
Location : 〒441-1621
25-3 Sawayage, Shimoyoshida, Shinshiro-City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
(Address is for the nearby parking lot, around a 15-minute walk to the waterfall)
Fee : Free of charge
days / hours
: Open everyday. Shop opens only weekends and holidays, and only from April to November.
Parking : Available, free of charge (cap. 150 cars)
Phone number : 0536-32-0022(Shinshiro City Tourism Association)

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  • Access by public transport
    Access by public transport
    From Mikawa-Ono Station of the JR Iida Line (board from Toyohashi Station), either:
    •Walk 40 min. (7.9km) eastwards (start heading south by routes 151 and 439, then veer eastwards by Route 442 - elevation difference 214m, or;
    •Take the Shinshiro S-Bus Akiba-Nanataki Line (秋葉七滝線 Akiba Nanataki Sen) bound for Mukikubo (向久保). Alight at Nanatakiguchi (七滝口) and walk 15 min. northwards.
    *: Caution - the S-Bus does not operate on Sundays and holidays.
    *: Bus departures from Mikawa-Ono Station to Nanatakiguchi:
    1st: 5:58
    2nd: 7:05
    3rd: Does not reach Nanatakiguchi
    4th: 10:39 (Mon-Fri), 12:05 (Sat)
    5th: 13:58 (Mon-Fri only)
    6th: 15:12
    7th: 16:28 (Mon-Fri only)
    8th: 17:56
    *: Bus departures from Nanatakiguchi to Mikawa-Ono Station:
    1st: No service at Nanatakiguchi
    2nd: No service at Nanatakiguchi
    3rd: Does not run
    4th: 11:19 (Mon-Fri), 12:46 (Sat)
    5th: 14:39
    6th: 15:52 (Mon-Fri only)
    7th: 17:10
    8th: 18:37 (Mon-Fri only)
  • Access by car
    Access by car
    Approx. 26 min. (14.3km) eastwards from Shinshiro I.C. of the Shin-Tomei Expressway via routes 151, 257, 439, 505, and 442.

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#Seven Waterfalls of Atera


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