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Two Day, One Night Course from Nagoya Station Total Distance:219km Total Time:20hours
Travel by Shinkansen Bullet Train and Rental car to enjoy a Japan rarely seen by the average tourist. Visit picturesque rural scenes of terraced ricefields, see ancient samurai castles, enjoy hot springs, mystical temples and view stunning waterfalls. Discover a Japan no longer seen in the major cities!

Course Contents

Day 1.

Depart Nagoya Station → (25 minutes by Kodama Shinkansen) → Toyohashi Station →(about 1 hour 10 minutes by car) → Yotsuya Senmaida → (15 minutes drive) → Damine Castle → (20 minutes drive) → Yuya Onsen Hot Spring

Day 2.

Yuya Onsen → (15 minutes drive) → Mt. Horai-ji Temple→ (40 minutes drive) → Atera-no-Nanataki Waterfalls → (1hour 20 minutes drive) → Toyohashi Station → (25 minutes by Kodama Shinkansen) → Nagoya Station



Shinshiro-CityYotsuya Senmaida, The 1,000 Terraced Rice terraces of Yotsuya

Witness an Amazing Feat of Rural Engineering!
The Yotsuya Senmaida terraced rice fields of Shinshiro are an incredible feat of farming engineering. See over 1,200 rice paddies stair-casing the mountainside. The view changes with the seasons, see flowers in spring, the rice crops are green in summer, yellow in the autumn, and the hand built stone retaining walls can be readily appreciated in winter. The locals will welcome you to their Rice Planting and Harvesting Festivals too! See more >


Shitara-TownDamine Castle

Castle of Political Intrigue and History
Damine Castle, also known as “Snake Head” and “Dragon” Castle was the scene of political intrigue and family turmoil during the Battle of Nagashino. Damine is a fine example of a reconstructed fortress-type castle of the Warring States period. See more >


Shinshiro-CityYuya Onsen Hot Springs

The Ancient Valley Of Hot Water
Enjoyed for over 1,300 years, the hot springs of Shinshiro’s Yuya Onsen are found deep in a picturesque valley along the Ure River, with stunning traditional Japanese views of the mountains and river. See more >


Shinshiro-CityHorai-ji Temple

The Mystical, Magical Mountain of Horai-ji Temple
There is something truly mystical about the atmosphere around the holy mountain of Horai-ji. The whole mountain is tranquil, with unspoiled ancient nature. It reeks of spiritualism and history, and of long forgotten ways. Mt Horai-ji and its temple are unique, and considered major power spots! See more >



Shinshiro-CityAtera no Nanataki Waterfall

The Seven Waterfalls of Atera Nanataki, a Sight to Fall For
One of natures’ most beautiful gifts must be the official “Place of Scenic Beauty” designated Atera Nanataki, or Seven Waterfalls of the Shinshiro region. Enjoy a walk through unspoiled nature, and be rewarded with the sight of these magnificent falls. See more >
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