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Beyond the Tunnel is a Mountain Village Where Demons Dance All Night Long.
In folklore, tunnels often appear as boundaries separating the real world from that of the other. Witness the exhilarating sight of demons dancing all night long in this mysterious and fantastic world that lies hidden in Aichi Prefecture.

Course Contents

Start at Ghibli Park → (90 min by car) → Atera-no-Nanataki Waterfall → (20 min by car) → Stay at Yuya Onsen → (20 min by car) → Former Toyohashi Railway Taguchi Line (30 min by car) → Thousand Rice Paddies of Yotsuya (Yotsuya Senmaida) → (30 min by car) → Hanamatsuri Hall


Shinshiro-CityAtera-no-Nanataki Waterfall

The Spray From the Waterfalls Is Full of Refreshing Mist That Will Invigorate Your Senses and Leave You Feeling Rejuvenated.
Recognized as a national scenic wonder and a natural landmark, Atera-no-Nanataki Waterfall has been listed among Japan's top 100 waterfalls.These stunning waterfalls are named for the seven stages of cascading water, created by the unique configuration of gravelly rocks along the cliffs.

[Key Features]
・You can enjoy a clear view of the multi-level waterfall from the second floor of the rest area overlooking the waterfall basin.
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Shitara-townFormer Toyohashi Railway Taguchi Line

Discover the Allure of Driving Through an Abandoned Railway Line Turned Rail Trail.
Opened in 1929, the Former Toyohashi Railway Taguchi Line served as a lifeline for the Okumikawa community amidst its numerous twists and turns. Although the line has ceased operations, echoes of its rich history still resonate, leaving behind traces of the past that can be discovered in various locations.

[Key Features]
・Certain tunnels along the route can be conveniently accessed by car.
・Toyohashi Railway offers guided tours for further exploration.
*For details, visit the Toyohashi Railway website.
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Shinshiro-CityThousand Rice Paddies of Yotsuya (Yotsuya Senmaida)

A Serene Retreat That Resembles an Ancient Tale
Step into the enchanting world of Senmaida in Yotsuya, the serene beauty of terraced rice paddies gracing the slopes of Kurakakeyama. These stunning landscapes transport you back to the Japanese original landscape, evoking a sense of timelessness. For over 400 years, these lands have been cultivated with care, once adorned with a remarkable 1,296 rice paddies during its prime.

[Key Features]
・Even to this day, a dedicated group of twenty farmers diligently tends to approximately 420 rice paddies.
・Don't miss the beauty of the winter scenery, which adds another layer of charm to the surroundings!
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Touei-townHanamatsuri Hall

Preserving Revered Shinto Traditions: The Enduring Rituals of Okumikawa
This facility preserves and celebrates the Hanamatsuri, a nationally important intangible folk cultural asset that has been handed down from the Kamakura to Muromachi periods. Masks, costumes, and video images bring the Hana Matsuri to life, allowing visitors to experience this unique tradition firsthand.

[Key Features]
・Starting in early November, the Hanamatsuri, a traditional flower festival, takes place sequentially in each district of Kitashitara-gun.
・Maido is a reenactment of the Hanamatsuri. From early November, each district of Kitashitara-gun hosts the Hanamatsuri, featuring around 40 unique dances that are performed throughout the night.
・Hanamatsuri materials in the Onyu district, a nationally registered tangible cultural property.
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