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Embark on a Whimsical Journey Filled With Cats and Art.
Follow a curious feline and discover a world of art that will transport you to another realm. We'll show you around some of the best locations that will make you feel like the main character in your own story.

Course Contents

Start at Ghibli Park → (15 min by car) → Maneki-neko Museum → (60 min by car) → Stay in Nagoya City → (70 min by car) → Isshiki Port → (20 min by ferry) → Sakushima Island → (20 min by ferry) → Isshiki Port → (15 min by car) → Mikawakougei Glass Art Museum


Seto-CityManeki-neko Museum

There Are Cats Everywhere You Look!
Indulge in a feline paradise at the Maneki-neko Museum, Japan's largest museum devoted to beckoning cats. Within a magnificent Taisho-era Western-style building, you'll encounter thousands of these adorable figurines adorning every nook and cranny. Prepare to be enchanted as cats reveal themselves in even the smallest of details.

[Key Features]
・Explore the museum's six diverse themes, including history and temples.
・Discover a neighboring store offering Japanese goods that bring good luck.
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Nishio-CitySakushima Island

Explore the Island at a Leisurely Pace
An island nestled in Mikawa Bay beckons you to walk along its verdant paths, where you'll discover picturesque villages adorned with black-walled houses. As you explore, keep an eye out for intriguing artworks and delightful feline companions that add an extra touch of charm to the scenery.

[Key Features]
・Delight in a scenic 20-minute boat ride from Nishio City's Isshiki Port!
・Embark on an art-filled expedition as you explore the island in search of stunning artworks.
・Cats and people live a relaxed life on the island, and the island also served as a film location for a cat-themed movie.
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Nishio-CityMikawakougei Glass Art Museum

A Marvelous World of Light and Mirrors
Discover the enchanting Mikawakougei Glass Art Museum, renowned for its imaginative artistry. Engage yourself in a sensory experience where the boundaries between people and artwork blur, transporting you to a realm of enchantment.

[Key Features]
・Step inside a colossal kaleidoscope and become an integral part of the artwork!
・Engage in our six hands-on courses, including stained glass and kaleidoscope workshops (additional fees apply).
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