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One Day Traditional Seto Pottery See and Do Course Total Distance:6.4km Total Time:4hours
Visit one of two major kiln areas of Aichi, Seto City, with 1,000 years of pottery, stoneware, and ceramics history and culture. Pottery and chinaware from Seto became so famous that even now, all kiln fired items and ceramics are known as “Seto-yaki,” or “Seto-mono." See it, and experience it for yourself.

Course Contents

Start at Seto-Gura Museum→(walk about 3 minutes) →Maneki-Neko (Lucky Cat) Museum→(walk about 10 minutes) →Kamagaki no Komichi Street→(car or taxi, about 20 minutes) →Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum



Seto CitySeto-Gura Museum

See Traditional Hand Crafted Pottery at the Seto-Gura Museum
Discover the wide range and quality of traditional pottery made in Seto, and see what the town looked like in its heyday in a life sized reproduction. Shop for quality pottery and ceramics in the Seto-Gura Ceramics Plaza. See more >


Seto cityManeki-Neko (Lucky Cat) Museum

Get Lucky at the Maneki-Neko (Lucky Cat) Museum
See Japan’s largest collection of Maneki-Neko lucky cat figures. Purchase some luck of your own, or paint your own original lucky cat. You’ll feel lucky just by coming here! See more >


Seto CityKamagaki no Komichi Street

Walk the Kamagaki no Komichi Street
Follow this 400m long route and enjoy the scenes of local produce put to work in an interesting way. See how tiles, pipes, bottles and pots are used along the road. Galleries, museums and traditional old homes line the way. See more >


Seto CityAichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum

See the Seto Ware, Then Make Your Own
Enjoy the exhibitions of traditional pottery and the museum shop, rest in the tearoom, then put aside about 2 hours to make your own traditional teacup using local clay! See more >
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