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Half-Day Tour from Centrair: Enjoy Aichi’s Brewing Culture Total Distance:16km Total Time:4 hours
Near the gateway to central Japan, Centrair International Airport, lies the quaint city of Handa, famed for its brewing of sake, sauces and vinegar for hundreds of years! Discover how and why Handa became such a financial powerhouse during the days of the samurai on this half-day course.

Course Contents

Depart Centerair → (25 minutes by taxi) → visit MIZKAN MUSEUM → (walk about 2 minutes) → Handa Canal and traditional black walled warehouses




The Village of Vinegar, Handa’s MIZKAN MUSEUM
The brewing town of Handa on the picturesque Chita Peninsula makes vinegar as a by-product of Sake. Exporting soy sauce, sake and vinegar across Japan made Handa one of the more prosperous towns during the Edo Period. Handa remains home to the Mizkan company. See more >


Handa-CityHanda Canal

Handa Canal, The Canal With The Movie Star Looks
The Handa Canal was built in the Edo period to export sake and vinegar around Japan. The canal is lined with traditional black walled warehouses painted with a coal tar to protect them from the effects of salt air. Famed film director Kurosawa Akira’s first movie was filmed along the Handa Canal using the old warehouses as a set. See more >
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