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Aichi’s Central Districts History and Culture Course Total Distance:19.7km Total Time:4hours
See the Toyokawa Inari temple and shrine complex, and ride the trams of Toyohashi. Explore Yoshida Castle, and see the last of the historical inns reserved for high ranking samurai.

Course Contents

Start at Toyokawa Inari →(walk about 7 minutes) →JR Iida Line, Toyokawa Inari Station →(15 minute train ride) → Toyohashi Station →board the tram at Ekimae Station→(16 minute tram ride)→Shiyakushomae Station→(walk about 5 minutes)→Yoshida Castle →return by tram to JR Toyohashi Station →(40 minute train ride)→Futagawa Station →(short walk)→Futagawa-Shuku Honjin



Toyokawa CityToyokawa Inari Shrine

The Temple and Shrine of The Fox Gods, Toyokawa Inari
A Buddhist temple, and a Shinto shrine in one, and dedicated to the God of Foxes! Experience the history and culture of this fascinating place. See more >


Toyohashi CityToyohashi Tram Cars

Ride the Trams of Toyohashi
Ride the nostalgic classics that rattle and bump, or the futuristic state of the art trams running through the streets of Toyohashi. See more >


Toyohashi CityYoshida Castle

Historical Yoshida Castle
Explore the historical ruins of Yoshida Castle, immortalized in the classic woodblock prints depicting the Tokaido highway. See more >


Toyohashi CityFutagawa-Shuku Honjin

Futagawa-Shuku Honjin, the Post Town Samurai Lodgings
Step backing time and see one of the very few remaining Honjin, lodgings for high ranking samurai along the old Tokaido Highway. See more >
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