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Explore the Beautiful Gardens and Coastlines, New in Every Season
From vibrant gardens filled with colorful blooms to picturesque coastlines with crystal clear blue waters and white sand beaches, each season brings a new and unique perspective. Each visit offers an unique perspective, depending on the season and time of day, evoking fresh excitement and wonder at every turn.

Course Contents

Start at Ghibli Park → (40 min by car) → Port of Nagoya Wildflower Garden Bluebonnet → (30 min by car) → Stay in Nagoya City → (90 min by car) → Omotehama Beach → (60 min by car) → Okutono Jinya, a former feudal lord's residence → (50 min by car) → Denpark


Nagoya-CityPort of Nagoya Wildflower Garden Bluebonnet

Delight in Gardens Brimming with the Joys of Gardening, Surrounded by the Sea, Lush Greenery, and Vibrant blooms.
Scattered throughout the area are themed gardens filled with stunning flora and greenery, perfect for inspiring your own garden creations. Be sure to catch the breathtaking model gardens designed by renowned gardeners!

[Key Features]
・Landmarks of Sunny House and Bluebonnet
・Wildflower Garden
・Sunken Garden
・Interactive Garden for Children
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Toyohashi-CityOmotehama Beach

Stroll Along the Seemingly Endless Coastline
This 50 km stretch of coast extends from Cape Irago to Lake Hamana, offering sweeping views of the sea and soft sandy shores that evoke the power of nature.

[Key Features]
・The awe-inspiring beauty of the sea
・A giant photo-worthy installation awaits at the bottom of the slope leading to Ikobe Coast in Toyohashi City
・Various flowers bloom at this location, rape blossoms in the spring, sunflowers in the summer, and cosmos in the fall.
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Okazaki-CityOkutono Jinya, a former feudal lord's residence

Experience the Four Seasons in Traditional Japanese Gardens and Floral Parks
This facility preserves the history and culture of the Okutono Domain. On a gentle hill, a portion of samurai residences remains, surrounded by earthen walls and white-walled houses. An exhibition room is also available for visitors.

[Key Features]
・The beautifully restored Horai Garden captures the essence of early Edo-period Japanese garden design.
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A Floral Haven to Relish in Every Season
Delight in approximately 330,000 plants from around 3,300 species of flowers and greenery throughout the year and discover the floral palace, a large greenhouse that replicates a Danish townscape, and more.

[Key Features]
・Seasonally-themed flower shows in the expansive greenhouse
・A 13-minute, train-like bus tour around the park (Adults ¥200 and up)
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