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The Hana Festivals of Oku-Mikawa, Aichi Prefecture

The Hana Festivals of Okumikawa, Aichi Prefecture

A traditional festival featuring a centennial form of art with a history of over 700 years, the Hana Festival of Okumikawa, in the easternmost area of Aichi famous for the vibrant nature of the mountains, is a Designated Important National Intangible Cultural Folkloric Heritage.

Toei-TownHana Festival (Toei-Town, Kobayashi)

A 1-day only Hana Festival at Kobayashi-Suwa Shrine

November 9th (Saturday), 2019
From 7:00 AM to 11:30 PM
Kobayashi Suwa Shrine grounds

Toei-TownHana Festival (Misono, Toei-Town)

A Hana Festival beneath the beautiful Autumn skies

November 9th (Saturday) to 10th (Sunday), 2019
From Saturday 2:00 PM to Sunday 12:00 PM
Misono Gathering Place

Toei-TownHana Festival (Toei-Town, Higashi-Sonome)

See also the famous Shidara Taiko Drums Group at this Hana Festival!

November 17th (Sunday), 2019
From 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Elderly Repose Home - Higashi Sonome Villa

Toei-TownHana Festival (Toei-Town, Tsuki)

The heroic semblants searing the night sky

November 22nd (Friday) to 23rd (Saturday - holiday), 2019
From 1st day's 1:00 PM to last day's 6:00 PM
Tsuki Gathering Place

Toyone-VillageHana Festival (Toyone-Village, Sakauba)

A ceremony through the night in honor of 8 million souls

November 23rd (Saturday - holiday) to 24th (Sunday), 2019
From Saturday 6:00 PM to Sunday 10:00 AM
Hachiman Shrine

Toei-TownHana Festival (Toei-Town, Ashikome)

The main attraction here is the demon itself!

November 23rd (Saturday) to 24th (Sunday), 2019
From Saturday 3:00 PM to Sunday 3:00 PM
Ashikome Gathering Place

Toei-TownHana Festival (Toei-Town, Kochi)

This Hana Festival is held under the open air!

November 30th (Saturday) to December 1st (Sunday), 2019
From Saturday 6:00 PM to Sunday 10:00 AM
Kochi Nagamine Shrine grounds

Toei-TownHana Festival (Toei-Town, Nakashitara)

A Hana Festival in accordance to the Shinto legends

December 7th (Saturday) to 8th (Sunday), 2019
From Saturday 1:00 PM to Sunday 6:00 PM (Shrine ceremony on the next day)
Nakashitara Hana Festival Dance Grounds (near the Improvement Center) (中設楽花祭舞庭(改善センタ-前) Nakashitara Hana Matsuri Maitei (Kaizen Sentaa-Mae))

Toei-TownHana Festival (Toei-Town, Nakazaike)

The only Hana Festival of whose traditional history is known

December 8th (Sunday), 2019
From 8:00 AM to 10:30 PM
Elderly Repose Home - Meiju Villa (老人憩いの家 明寿荘 Rojin Ikoi-no-Ie - Meiju-So)

Toei-TownHana Festival (Toei-Town, Futto)

A festival with a focus on history and tradition

January 2nd (Thursday) to 3rd (Friday), 2020
From 9:00 AM on the first day to 5:00 PM on the second day
Futto Hall (古戸会館 Futto Kaikan)

Shitara-TownHana Festival (Shitara-Town, Tsugu)

Ancient Beliefs, Traditional Rituals, Spiritual Awareness, a Devil of A Time

January 2nd (Thursday) to 3rd (Friday), 2020
From 1st day's 1:00 PM to 2nd day's 7:00 AM
Shirotori Shrine (白鳥神社 Shirotori Jinja)

Toyone-VillageHana Festival (Toyone-Village, Shimo-Kurokawa)

A festival to celebrate regeneration and new life

January 2nd (Thursday) to 3rd (Friday), 2019
From 1st day's 4:00 PM to 2nd day's 3:00 PM
Mellow Hall / Tsushima Shrine (ほのぼの会館・津島神社 Hono-Bono Kaikan / Tsushima Jinja)

Toyone-VillageHana Festival (Toyone-Village, Kami-Kurokawa)

A popular festival with quite humorous dances

January 3rd (Friday) to 4th (Saturday), 2020
From 1st day's 5:00 PM to 2nd day's 12:00 PM
Kumano Shrine (熊野神社 Kumano Jinja)

Toei-TownHana Festival (Toei-Town, Shimoawashiro)

Plenty of positive energy at this festival

January 11th (Saturday) to 12th (Sunday), 2020
From Saturday 2:00 PM to Sunday 2:30 PM
Shimo Awashiro Life Improvement Center (下粟代生活改善センター Shimoawashiro Seikatsu Kaizen Senta)

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