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Toei-Town Hana Festival (Toei-Town, Tsuki)

Date : 11/22/2022 - 11/23/2022

  • Hana Festival (Toei-Town, Tsuki)

The Heroic Semblants Searing the Night Sky

The Hana Festival of Tsuki is particularly attractive due to the rather expansive venue, which propitiates for effusive decorations that magnifies the grandness of the event. The "Demon" dance performances are also quite impressive, jumping the bonfire while branding the scythe.


Date : Usually on the 4th Tuesday and Wednesday
November 22 (Tuesday) 8:00 AM to 23 (Wednesday - holiday) 4:00 PM, 2022
Holding time : 8:00 AM to the next day at 4:00 PM
*: May vary from year to year
Place : Tsuki Gathering Place (月集会所 Tsuki Shukaijo)
Location : 〒449-0212
1-2 Masahirodaira, Tsuki, Toei-Town, Aichi Prefecture
Fee : Free of charge
(however, offerings in money may entitle the visitor to a “Okaeshi” gift of local tradition)
Phone number : 0536-76-1720 (Hana Festival Preservation Society, Chairman)
0536-76-0509 (Toei Town Hall Department of Education)

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  • Access by public transport
    Access by public transport
    From Toyohashi Station, take the JR Iida Line and alight at Toei Station, take the Toei Line Bus and get off at Hongo, take the Toei Shitara Line Bus and get off at Tsuki, walk 1 min.
  • Access by car
    Access by car
    At the Hamamatsu-Inasa Junction of the New Tomei Expressway, change to the San-en-Nanshin Expressway. Upon exiting at Horaikyo I.C., head north by the Route 151 for approx. 14.8km (20 min.). Turn left at the Nakashitara crossing to enter Aichi Route 473 for 1.7km (3 min.)

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