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Aichi’s Fantastic Fireworks Festivals

Aichi’s Fantastic Fireworks Festivals - July 2021 Edition

Aichi likes to see things go off with a bang! It could be because of its strong samurai heritage, or the fact that Aichi remains one of the few places where gunpowder and fireworks are created. Either way, you’re assured of a thrilling time at any of the summertime fireworks festivals in July.

Gamagori-CityFireworks Spectacular - FLAME - Laguna Ten Bosch

A fireworks show you can watch while enjoying the pool during the Night Pool events!

Date: July 24 (Saturday), August 7 (Saturday) to August 15 (Sunday), August 21 (Saturday) and August 22 (Sunday), 2021

*: Carried out intermittently, please confirm the dates.

Gamagori-CityLaguna Ten Bosch / Lagunasia

Aichi’s Premier Amusement Complex, Laguna Ten Bosch, Laguna Sea
A great place for friends, families and couples looking for a good time is Gamagori’s Lagunasia and Laguna Ten Bosch, Aichi’s premier amusement park, with natural hot spring spas, shopping, dining, relaxation, and entertainment facilities at sea-side Gamagori.

Laguna Ten Bosch / Lagunasia

Toyota-CityFujioka Oiden Summer Festival Fireworks

Excitement with dances and fireworks!

Cancelled in 2021
Date: July 10 (Saturday), 2021
Start time: 8:20 PM

Minamichita-TownHimakajima Gion Festival Fireworks

The fantastic lantern boat "Horoku" and fireworks festival

Holding of the 2021 festival fireworks currently under discussion
Date: July 10 (Saturday), 2021
Start time: 7:00 PM

Minamichita-TownShinojima Gion Festival Fireworks

An impressive parade of over 100 fishing boats and fine fireworks!

Cancelled in 2021
Date: July 10 (Saturday), 2021
Start time: 7:40 PM

Nagoya-CityMarine Day Nagoya Minato Festival Fireworks

A great festival of gigantic fireworks decorating the Port of Nagoya!

Cancelled in 2021
Date: October 3 (Sunday), 2021 [Postponed from July]
Start time: 7:30 PM

Nagoya-CityPort of Nagoya Public Aquarium

One of Japan’s biggest and best aquariums is the exciting Port Of Nagoya Public Aquarium at Nagoya Port. Home to Orca killer whales, dolphins and Beluga Whales, and featuring marine life from Japan to Antarctica.

Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium

Toyohashi-CityToyohashi Gion Festival Fireworks

The amazing hand-held fireworks cannons of Toyohashi!

Cancelled in 2021
Date: July 17 (Saturday), 2021 - Tezutsu Handheld Cannons Start time: 6:30 PM

Minamichita-TownToyohama Fireworks Festival

After the gigantic sea brams festival, close your day with a nice pyrotechnic show!

Cancelled in 2021
Date: July 25 (Saturday), 2020
Start time: 7:30 PM

Minamichita-TownToyohama Tai Matsuri, The Sea Bream Festival

There’s Something Fishy Going On In Minamichita!
Picture this: Giant land-based Sea Bream, around 18 meters long and six meters high, charging and attacking each other in clouds of sand while being chased by near naked men, before returning to the sea, where they splash and bob about!

Toyohama Tai Matsuri, The Sea Bream Festival

Nagoya-CityNakamura Park Summer Festival Fireworks

A calm “Matsuri” festival with fireworks in the suburbs of Nagoya-City!

Cancelled in 2021
Date: July 26 (Friday), 2019
Start time: 8:30 PM

Nagoya-CityNagoya City Hideyoshi & Kiyomasa Memorial Museum

A reliquary of the great names of Owari Area
A history museum on the 2nd floor of Nakamura Park Cultural Plaza. The museum mainly collects, keeps and displays cultural properties connected with Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Kato Kiyomasa, two military commanders from the Owari area, including items that belonged to them, historical documents and pictures.

Nagoya City Hideyoshi & Kiyomasa Memorial Museum

Kasugai-CityKasugai Citizens' Noryo Festival Fireworks

A fireworks extravaganza at a beautiful Japanese park

Date: September 23 (Thursday - holiday), 2021 [Postponed from July]
Start time: To be announced

Tsushima-CityOwari Tsushima Tenno Festival Fireworks

A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream, the Owari Tsushima Tenno Matsuri

Cancelled in 2021
Date: July 24 (Saturday), 2021
Start time: 7:30 PM

Nishio-CityKira Fireworks Festival

Pyrotechnic art made enjoyable with sea and air

Holding of the 2021 fireworks festival currently under discussion
Date: August 17 (Saturday), 2019
Start time: 7:30 PM

Toyota-CityToyota Oiden Festival Fireworks

One of the greatest fireworks show on Earth!

Cancelled in 2021
Date: September 26 (Sunday), 2021 [Postponed from July]
Start time: 7:10 PM

Gamagori-CityGamagori Noryo Fireworks

A fireworks festival proudly boasting the biggest shell among all Pacific Rim countries!

Date: October 10 (Sunday), 2021 [Postponed from July]
Start time: 7:30 PM

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