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  • [Cancelled in 2022] Toyohama Tai Matsuri, The Sea Bream Festival (Toyohama Tai Matsuri)

Minamichita-Town [Cancelled in 2022]
Toyohama Tai Matsuri, The Sea Bream Festival
(Toyohama Tai Matsuri)

Date : 09/18/2022

  • Toyohama Tai Matsuri, The Sea Bream Festival (Toyohama Tai Matsuri)
  • Toyohama Tai Matsuri, The Sea Bream Festival (Toyohama Tai Matsuri)
  • Toyohama Tai Matsuri, The Sea Bream Festival (Toyohama Tai Matsuri)
  • Toyohama Tai Matsuri, The Sea Bream Festival (Toyohama Tai Matsuri)

The 2022 Toyohama Tai Matsuri has been cancelled.

There's Something Fishy Going on in Minamichita!

Picture this: giant land-based sea bream, around 18 meters long and 6 meters high, charging and attacking each other in clouds of sand while being chased by near-naked men, before returning to the sea, where they splash and bob about!

Is it a Godzilla-like movie remake of JAWS? A giant fish version of King Kong? No, it's the annual Tai Matsuri, or Sea Bream Festival, held to pray for maritime safety and an abundant catch.

Minamichita's Toyohama, on the southernmost tip of Aichi Prefecture's Chita Peninsula, is divided into wards. Each area makes it's own huge bream from timber and bamboo frames, wrapped in dyed cotton cloth. During the festival, the giant red and black bream are carried by local men around the town and seaside. Smaller fish are carried by children adding a certain charm to the boisterous event.

The bizarre annual festival is held on a weekend in mid- to late July, depending on the tides at Toyohama Beach. The event starts early on the Saturday morning with a parade of giant fish carried through the town by a rotation of up to 60 men in traditional festival garb, happi coats and headbands. After floating through the town, the five giant bream make a mad dash to the seaside to fight! The best place to see the action is just east of the Toyohama intersection on route 247 just before midday, and from about midday at the Toyohama Fishing Port.

The first night's festivities end with a massive fireworks display, while Sunday dishes up pretty much the same. However, about mid-afternoon the monster fish fight, then make a spectacular plunge into the ocean, followed by what could be described as a giant fish dance, bringing the festival to an end. The final evening takes place at nearby Nakazu, where the fish are illuminated from within and paraded through the fishing village.

As with all Japanese festivals, they are well-catered for, with food and drink stalls, attractions and specialty stands along the route and around the main beach area too. Toyohama is located within the Mikawa Bay Quasi-National Nature Park, and is surrounded by many sightseeing spots, historical sites, cultural properties and fantastic festivals like the Tai Matsuri.

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Date : Cancelled in 2022, changing to ritual at Nakasu Shrine on September 18, 2022 (Saturday) closed to the public.
July 31 (Sunday), 2022
Holding time : From 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Place : Around the whole Toyohama district
Location : 〒470-3412
Toyohama, Minamichita-Town, Chita-District, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Fee : Admission free of charge
Parking : Free of charge, capacity for 1,000 cars (10 large vehicles)
Phone number : 0569-65-0004 (Toyohama Tourism Association)
Attendance last year : Around 5,000 people
Street stalls : Around 10

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  • Access by public transport
    Access by public transport
    From the Meitetsu Nagoya Station, board the express train bound for Kowa, alight at Kowa Station and board the Toyohama Line (豊浜線 Toyohama-sen) of the Umikko Bus (海っ子バス), bound for Morozaki Port (師崎港 Morozaki-ko). Get off at Sea Bram Festival Square / Flower Square (鯛祭り広場・花ひろば前 Tai Matsuri Hiroba - Hanahiroba-mae) and walk a short distance to the venue.
  • Access by car
    Access by car
    Approx. 10 min. (3km) southwards from Toyooka I.C. (first/last I.C.) of the Minamichita Toll Road.

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