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Minamichita-Town Minamichita Toyohama Fish Garden (Toyohama Sakana Hiroba)

  • Minamichita Toyohama Fish Garden (Toyohama Sakana Hiroba)
  • Minamichita Toyohama Fish Garden (Toyohama Sakana Hiroba)
  • Minamichita Toyohama Fish Garden (Toyohama Sakana Hiroba)
  • Minamichita Toyohama Fish Garden (Toyohama Sakana Hiroba)

Shop for Fresh Sea Produce at Aichi Prefecture's Largest Fishery by Volume of Catch

Toyohama Fishery Port is located in the southern tip of Chita Peninsula. Here, the land embraces the sea forming a natural cove that has prospered as a highly producing fishery since the times of ancient Japan, when the area was also called Susa-no-Ura, or Susa-no-Irie (Inlet of Susa), feature in the old Man-yo poems.
The Toyohama Fish Garden is a lively market located at the very center of this fishery port's area, and every day offers freshly caught fish, shellfish and other sea produce. Here, visitors are able to both shop for the delicious items on sale or taste exquisite seafood at the many vendors lining up their goods. Some shops deal with dried fish, which can be sent by parcel to your home or hotel, allowing for some extra purchases without fearing the baggage burden. When in Minamichita, make sure to check out this widely popular and interesting place!


  • Multipurpose toilet
  • Souvenirs
  • Parking
  • Restaurant
  • Bus Stop
Location : 〒470-3412
33 Aifude, Toyohama, Minamichita-Town, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Fee : Admission free of charge
days / hours
: Weekdays 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Weekends and holidays 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Parking : Available, free of charge (cap. 110 cars and 20 buses)
Restrooms : Available
Holidays : Tuesdays (next weekday in case of holiday)
Phone number : 0569-65-0483

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Barrier-free information


  • Access by public transport
    Access by public transport
    From the Meitetsu Nagoya Station, take the express train bound for Kowa Station, alight at either Utsumi Station or Kowa Station and board the Toyohama Line (豊浜線 Toyohama-sen) of the Umikko Bus (海っ子バス). Get off at Toyohama Sakana Hiroba (豊浜魚ひろば).
  • Access by car
    Access by car
    Approx. 10 min. (3km) southwards from Toyooka I.C. (last I.C.) of the Minamichita Toll Road.

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