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Aichi - Gateway to the G7 Ise-Shima Summit 2016

Aichi, Gateway to the G7 Ise-Shima Summit 2016

With its vast transport, business and tourism resources, Aichi sets to be the gateway for the G7 Ise-Shima Summit 2016

Perfect for business and sightseeing, Aichi welcomes the Summit visitors

The island of Kashikojima, venue for the main G7 Summit event, is located in the Ise-Shima region eastern of Mie Prefecture. As such, the extensive infrastructure of Aichi Prefecture makes it the most practical transportation hub for the event. Besides the beautiful nature of Mie, visitors will be able to enjoy all the metropolitan comfort and efficiency provided by both Nagoya City and Centrair International Airport, as well as the whole touristic and business resources of the modern Aichi. Welcome and enjoy Aichi-Nagoya, the “HEART” of Japan - Technology & Tradition, Homeland of the Samurai and Birthplace of Modern Japan!

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Note: From May 21st (Sat) to 28th (Sat) 7:00 AM (subject to change depending on the length of stay of the heads of states), all Kintetsu Line trains bound to Kashikojima Station will instead stop at Ukata Station. Authorized personnel bearing credentials issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be able to use the shuttle bus service connecting Ukata to Kashikojima. This restriction also will affect the Sanko Kotsu buses of the 59 line between Ukata and Kashikojima. Also, commuting boats bound to Kashikojima will be either temporarily out of order or directed to other ports.

Members of the press:
Free shuttle buses servicing the routes between Tsu Nagisamachi Marina (Tsu-City) and each accredited accomodation facility will make the fast commuting boat, that connects Centrair Airport to Tsu (45min across the Ise Bay), an attractive shortcut to Mie. Buses will be available on May 24th (Tue) and 25th (Wed) (Marina to Accomodations) and on May 28th (Sat) (Accomodations to Marina), and will be free of charge for members of the press bearing valid G7 Summit Press credentials. Regular fares for the boat service will apply.
See details at the link below:
•Mie Citizens Council for Ise-Shima Summit website

Access to the International Media Center (IMC):
The Sun Arena, Ise-City's largest convention facility, will be used as media center for all press members and organizations. Its location is a 20min taxi ride from Iseshi Station, but the nearest stations are Futamino-Ura (JR Sangu Line) and Asama (Kintetsu Toba Line).

From Nagoya:
•By train: Kintetsu Nagoya Station→Kintetsu train* (approx. 1hr 20min) (Limited Express or Express, bound to Kashikojima or Toba)→Iseshi Station
•By car: Nagoya (Central Nagoya area) (approx. 1hr 35min)→Sun Arena
(approx. car route from Nagoya (GoogleMaps):

From Chubu Centrair International Airport:
•By train: Chubu Centrair International Airport→Meitetsu MyuSky Limited Express (28min) →Meitetsu Nagoya Station→Walk (5min)→Kintetsu Nagoya Station→See above for trains from Nagoya
•By car: Chubu Centrair International Airport (approx. 2h30min)→Sun Arena
(approx. car route from Centrair Airport (GoogleMaps):

*: Fastest service, approx. 30 departures/day (weekdays). Requires Express fee in addition to regular fare.


•Kintetsu Lines

•Meitetsu Lines

•Tsu Airport Line
  • Nagoya-Iseshi Station 1hr20min by Kintetsu Express
  • Nagoya-Tokyo 1hr40min by Shinkansen
  • Nagoya-Osaka 55min by Shinkansen

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