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Half Day Tour Course from Nagoya Station Total Distance:7.8km Total Time:4 hours
Discover the historical and cultural roots of this vibrant Japanese city in a half day tour starting at the city’s gateway, the expansive Nagoya Station!

Course Contents

Nagoya Station →(about 20 minutes by Me~guru bus)→Nagoya Castle(15 minutes by Me~guru bus)→Tokugawa Art Museum→(walk 1 minute)→ Tokugawa Garden



Nagoya CityNagoya Castle and Nagoya Castle Hommaru Palace

Magnificent Nagoya Castle, Japan’s Castle of War and Peace
A symbol of Nagoya City, Nagoya Castle was built in 1610 by Tokugawa Ieyasu. It was one of the largest, best-designed castles in Japan. The impressive keep has the greatest floor space of any Japanese castle. The recently rebuilt and gorgeous Hommaru Palace is also a must see! See more >



Nagoya CityThe Tokugawa Art Museum

The Tokugawa Art Museum, Heirlooms of the Lords of Nagoya Castle
The Tokugawa Art Museum has a must-see collection of over 12,000 fabulous hereditary heirlooms of the Owari Tokugawa clan, lords of Nagoya Castle. Swords, weapons, samurai armor, tea ceremony utensils, art, and calligraphy, all of the highest quality and in exceptional condition. See more >



Nagoya CityTokugawaen Garden

Nature's Treasure, the Tokugawaen Garden
Adjoining the Tokugawa Art Museum, which houses the treasures of the Tokugawa clan, and located on the site of the retirement villa of the lords of Owari (western Aichi) is the elegant Tokugawaen Garden, a prime example of traditional Japanese garden architecture. See more >
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