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That Samurai Experience in Aichi!

That Samurai Experience in Aichi!

Battle reenactments, samurai armor wearing, military figures impersonation teams, hands-on activities, and more! A thrilling world of experiences awaits you in Aichi, "The Homeland of the Samurai"!

Nagoya-CitySamurai & Ninja Festival 2018

See, touch, feel, fight. An experiential event for fun in family.

An event of martial history military entertainment, befitting of Aichi, the The Home of the Samurai. Enjoy the whole universe of samurai and ninjas while playing and experiencing. This autumn, round up the family and march, onward to Odaka Ryokuchi Greens!

Nagoya-CityNobunaga's Victory Road "Battle of Okehazama" Reenactment Dramatics Event

Experience the Dawn of Nobunaga!

Experience the authentic reenactment of the happenings on that pivotal day in history, starting with the "Marching Off from Kiyosu Castle", stopping for the "Victory Prayers at Atsuta Jingu Shrine", and concluding at the "Great Victory in Okehazama"!

Date: June 10th (Sunday), 2018

Nagoya-CityOkehazama Battlefield Festival - "Mantoe" Thousand Lanterns Event

This event is a memorial festival for the fallen in the battle between Oda Nobunaga and Imagawa Yoshimoto at the Battle of Okehazama. After sunset, 3,500 candle lanterns are lit around the margins of Oike Pond to mourn the souls lost in the combat. An event that gathers history fans from across the country, who come to enjoy the fantastic sights provided by the candles.

Date: June 10th (Sunday), 2018

Toyoake-CityOkehazama Historical Battlefield Festival

Pure historical entertainment!

A popular festival with lots of entertainment and interesting attractions, such as samurai parade and battle reenactment.

Date: June 2nd (Saturday) and 3rd (Sunday), 2018

Kiyosu-CitySamurai Armor Experience at Kiyosu Castle

Wear samurai armor and see how it is actually made at the nearby workshop!

The current reconstructed Kiyosu Castle is now a symbol if the city of Kiyosu, and guests can try wearing metallic samurai armor reproductions that really resemble the original ones.

Oguchi-TownSpring Exhibit "Boy's Festival" - Oguchi Town Cultural History Museum

Take your kids to wear mini-size samurai armor!

At the hands-on corner, parents and kids can try handicraft together and, at the photo booth, Samurai armor sized especially for the little ones can be borrowed and dressed for pictures.

Date: April 14th (Saturday) to June 3rd (Sunday), 2018

Shitara-TownHistoric Damine Castle Festival

Are you a fan of Japan History, samurai customs and old Japanese traditions?

Interesting events await visitors at several venues around the area. Besides having a great time with the festival, this is a great opportunity to visit a rather unique castle from the feudal era!

Date: early October

Kiyosu-CityKiyosu Castle Nobunaga Festival

A festive day around Kiyosu Castle!

Countless attractions and activities, such as Hinawaju Matchlock Live Fire Demonstrations, Parade of Great Samurai Heroes, Stage Shows, and Industrial Goods Fair.

Date: early October

Shinshiro-CityNagashino Battle Flag Festival

Travel in back time to the Sengoku “Warring States” period!

A festival mixed with celebration and posthumous honors, with the powerful sight of real firing matchlock muskets!

Date: early May

Shinshiro-CityTsukude Old Castle Festival

The festival's main attraction is the demonstration of matchlock arquebuses fire by performers dressed in character as soldiers and samurai of olden times. Other events include shows of Japanese Taiko drums, Kyu-Do archery performances, songs and performing arts, and much more.

Date: early May

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