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1. Wash yourself all over

Before you take a bath, be sure to wash yourself all over in the washing area so you're nice and clean.
Make sure you rinse all the soap lather off, too.

* Please sit down when you use the shower.


2. Douse yourself with warm water

Gently douse yourself with warm water (a practice called "kake-yu") from your feet to your waist and from your fingertips to your shoulders and chest (in other words, from far to near), to get your body used to the water temperature.

Finally, pour some over your head, too. This can help prevent hot flushes and dizziness when you stand up.

3. A half-body bath to get your body used to it

Get into the bathtub gently, at first lowering yourself into the water only up to your solar plexus and taking a half-body bath to get your body used to it.
This will prevent the temperature of the hot spring and the water pressure from placing a sudden strain on the body.

Once you've warmed yourself up, it's a good idea to move your limbs a bit.

4. Caution

Don't stay in the bath for too long.
The best time to get out is around when your forehead and the tip of your nose have begun to sweat.
You shouldn't stay in so long that you end up dripping with sweat with your heart throbbing.

5. Don't take a shower after you have finished bathing

Medicinal components in the water will get washed off in the shower, and their effects will be reduced.
If your skin is sensitive and easily irritated, please do rinse yourself off with fresh water.


6. Gently wipe yourself down before you leave the bathing area

Gently wipe yourself down before you go back to the dressing room.


7. Drink plenty of water

Your body will have lost water through sweating.


8. Take a good rest

A lot your body's energy will get used up while you're taking a bath.

Your blood pressure will also change, so it's important to rest for at least 30 minutes, until your body has stabilized again.

Hot spring etiquette

  • You can't wear a swimsuit.
  • Please wash yourself in the washing area. You mustn't wash yourself with water from the bathtubs.
  • Be sure to rinse off all the soap lather before getting into the bath.
  • You mustn't put your towel in the bathwater.
  • If you have long hair, tie it up to keep it out of the bathwater.
  • Even if the bath is a bit too hot for you, you can't just go ahead and add some cold water.
  • Put a cold towel on your head while you're bathing to prevent hot flushes.
  • Drink plenty of water and take a good rest after you have finished bathing.
  • As a general rule, people with tattoos aren't allowed in hot spring baths.
  • When you have finished bathing, wipe yourself down before you go back to the dressing room.
  • Refrain from taking a bath immediately after eating or drinking alcohol.
  • Limit yourself to at most three bathing sessions a day so you don't make yourself feel unwell from taking too many baths.
  • You mustn't wash laundry in the washing area.
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