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Nature and Ocean Sightseeing Cycling Course Total Distance:11.7km Total Time:3.5hours
A great cycling course recommended for the spring and summer months around beautiful, picturesque Cape Irago on the Atsumi Peninsula

Course Contents

Start at Irago Crystal Port → (5 minutes by bike) → Irago Lighthouse → (3 minutes by bike) →Koijigahama  → (5 minutes by bike) → Stone Gate of Sunrise  → (20 minutes by bike) →Fields of Rapeseed Blossom (January to March)



Tahara CityRoadside Station Irago Crystal Port

Rent a bike from the Tahara City’s Roadside Station, Michi no Eki, at Irago Crystal Port and start your journey. See more >


Tahara CityIrago Lighthouse

See the Sea from Irago Lighthouse
Enjoy the fresh sea air and panoramic view of the ocean and Cape Irago from this classic lighthouse. See more >


Tahara CityKoijigahama Beach

Koijigahama, the Lover’s Beach
Known as “Lover’s Beach” for both its romantic views and due to its name, meaning the “beach of love”, Koijigahama is a top spot for couples. Bring a padlock to make your romantic dreams come true! See more >


Tahara CityThe Stone Gate of Sunrise(Hii-no-Sekimon)

The Stone Gate of Sunrise
See the morning sunrise through this stone gate, eroded by wind and waves from mid-October to mid-February. A very popular spot on New Years Day to see the years first sunrise. See more >


Tahara-CityRapeseed Blossom Festival

See Fields of Yellow Rapeseed Blossom
Enjoy the splendor of riding along wide-open fields of bright yellow rapeseed flowers. See more >
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