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Toyohashi-City [Cancelled in 2021]
Noryo Beer Tram
(Noryo Biru Densha)

Date : Mid-June to Late Sept.

  • [Cancelled in 2021] Noryo Beer Tram (Noryo Biru Densha)
  • [Cancelled in 2021] Noryo Beer Tram (Noryo Biru Densha)

The 2021 Noryo Beer Tram has been cancelled.

The Famous "Party Streetcar" That Runs Through Central Toyohashi-City!

Every year during summer the highly popular "Noryo Beer Tram" runs in the city of Toyohashi. "Noryo," meaning "enjoying the refreshment of the evening", is a term mostly used in the twilight of exceptionally hot summer days. This exotic but interesting promotion is brought by the Toyohashi Rail Road company, Toyotetsu, which operates some trains around the city and the whole tram system running through its busiest streets.

* Event details below are for 2019.


The Noryo Beer Tram is highly popular so we strongly advise that reservations be made as soon as Toyotetsu starts accepting them!

Start Date for Reservations
-For June/July rides: May 22 (Wednesday), 2019 at 9:00 AM
-For August/September rides: July 3 (Wednesday), 2019 at 9:00 AM

* Please check the Noryo Beer Tram Official Site for details (link below - page in Japanese).

Noryo Beer Tram (Noryo Biru Densha)

The system is simple: guests/passengers get aboard the streetcar, where a "Obento" meal box awaits them. The center of the tram floor is occupied by tables and, during the approx. 80 min. ride, the staff will keep pouring all-you-can-drink draft beer "Nama-biru," as well as selling other drinks. Departure is from the Toyohashi Station tram platform, then the car rides to Undokoen-mae stop for a toilet break (about 30 min.), from where it heads back to Toyohashi Station. The "Beer Tram" rides the same regular tram rails three times a day on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, and twice a day during weekdays, from early June to late September.
The car is decorated outside and inside to resemble a "beer garden" and is equipped with a Karaoke system featuring 35,000 songs. There’s also an option for ordering pizzas (request upon reservation) and other kinds of beverages. Participants also get a nice (and useful!) 20%-Off bonus for lodging at the Toyotetsu Terminal Hotel.

Noryo Beer Tram (Noryo Biru Densha)

Participation is exclusively upon reservation, and as this train is avidly sought after, most of its runs are dedicated to closed groups. However, certain days are spared for individuals. Find yourself someone who understands Japanese and check out the web site for additional info!

Noryo Beer Tram (Noryo Biru Densha)

Noryo Beer Tram (Noryo Biru Densha)

•All-you-can-drink Kirin Ichiban Shibori Nama Draft Beer
•Original Toyotetsu and Kirin Beer Goods (Gifts and Draws)
•Other free drinks also available (limited availability)
•Onboard sales of other liquor
•Snack box set "Obento"
•Yamasa Chikuwa Fried Assortment Plate & Discount Pizza Order Service (upon reservation only, cash-only payment during the ride)
*: Yamasa Chikuwa Special Tram Plate (serving for 3-4 guests)
*: Yamasa Chikuwa and Pizza 1,000 yen each serving.
•Karaoke Open Mic
•Bringing of snacks and drinks allowed (limited to non-perishables, please consult in advance)

*: Japan Law only allows liquor consumption for people ages 20 or older.


Date : Cancelled in 2021

*: Seats available under reservation only.

*: No operation on the following days:
-Chunichi Dragons Pro Baseball 1st Match
-Toyohashi Gion Festival
-Obon Holidays August
-Chunichi Dragons Pro Baseball 2nd Match
-Fire Festival
Holding time : Departures:
-Lunch (weekends and holidays only) - Gathering at 11:40 AM, departing at 11:57 AM
-Evening 1st - Gathering at 17:45 PM, departing at 6:00 PM
-Evening 2nd - Gathering at 19:45 PM, departing at 8:00 PM
*: Subject to changes without prior notice, please confirm directly with the Toyohashi Railways Co.
Place : Toyohashi Station - Undokoen-Mae - Toyohashi Station
Location : 〒440-0075
1 Ekimae-Odori, Toyohashi-City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Fee : -Individual Guests
Adults 3,400 yen
Children (or otherwise underage guests) 2,100 yen (no liquor served - Snack box, soft drink and "uchiwa" fan only)
Toddlers (ages 3 or younger) 500 yen (seat fee)
*: Requires a minimum of 14 adult guests for departure.

-Charter Runs
Up to 28 guests: 91,000 yen
(max. of 30 passengers allowed - additional fees apply)
Additional per guest: 2,400 yen
(children and toddlers charged the same fee as for individual guest runs)
Restrooms : Unavailable (Restroom break at Undokoen-Mae stop)
Phone number : •Railways Division - Noryo Beer Tram - Reservations Desk
Weekdays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (on the first 3 days from the date when reservations start to be accepted; after that, weekdays from 8:50 AM to 5:40 PM)

•Inquiries during other days or times:
City Lines Department 0532-61-5771 (does not accept reservations)
Toyotetsu Terminal Hotel Discount : Special fare for staying at the Toyotetsu Terminal Hotel!
*: 20% OFF the room fare.
*: Requires purchase of the Beer Tram Ticket.
*: Discount valid for the stay after the ride (requires reservation).
Reservations : *: Reservations accepted by phone only.
*: "Reservation Confirmation Letter" sent by mail must be produced on the day of the ride.
*: Please consult for group reservations and customized ride times.
*: Cancel fees apply, please check carefully before reserving.

Note: This page may not be current due to update time differences between site databases.
Should accuracy be critical, please verify this information using a direct source, whenever possible.


  • Access by public transport
    Access by public transport
    3 min. walk from Toyohashi Station of the JR Tokaido Main Line and Meitetsu Nagoya Line (board either Meitetsu Nagoya Line or JR Tokaido Main Line from Nagoya Station).

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