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Ankake Spaghetti

Made of a mouthwatering, starch-based spicy sauce, and mostly served with extra thick spaghetti pasta, it certainly looks Italian, but don’t be fooled: it’s an original and very popular Nagoya exclusivity, that will keep you asking for more!

The secret of this Nagoya-only dish definitely lies on its “an” sauce and the perfect matching of thick dry pasta (at least 1.5mm). In Japan, sauces featuring “katakuriko” potato starch are widely called “an”, with the “kake” just meaning the action of dropping and covering the preparation. Generally, “an” sauces are sticky, only slightly flavored, and sort of gelatinous. But for this Nagoya specialty, the addition of coarse ground black pepper, as well as the complementary sauces and condiments, is necessary in order to render the mixture pungent, sizzling and satisfying.

As for toppings, you’ll be able to find a wide variety, ranging from a simple fried mix of vegetables or sliced sausages, to breaded fish cutlets or oysters, or even boiled eggs. You may even find sophistications such as whole steaks cut in strips, breaded shrimp or crab, and many more.

You should definitely try the Ankake Spaghetti. It may give you a break from the more traditional, mildly-tasting Japanese cuisine, and add some reinvigorating punch to your meal. If eventually you’re a purist, who looks solely for Japanese food, don’t fall into the trap of erroneously assuming Ankake is of Italian nature. Because it couldn't be more Nagoyan.




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Nagoya-City Ankake Spaghetti YUUZEN

Established in 1972 as an ankake sauce spaghetti restaurant. Always a long line during lunch time. Wide choice of spaghetti. Seasonal spaghetti dishes are popular, making customers come back repeat...

46 seats (10 counter seats and 5 tables)

Nagoya-City Spaghetti House Yokoi Sumiyoshi Location

The original sauce created by Hiroshi Yokoi, the founder, was invented using Italian homecooking as its inspiration. Its hearty and filling characteristics have appealed to residents of Aichi prefe...

50 seats

Nagoya-City Karametei Issha Main Location

"Ankake spaghetti," which is spaghetti in a thick sauce, was coined by the owner of this restaurant. The sauce, which is black because it is baked in an oven after stewing, has a distinct rich flav...

30 seats (8 counter seats and 7 tables)

Nagoya-City Ankake Taro

The sauce, which gains its thickness by using vegetables abundantly, has a very rich flavor that condenses the deliciousness of its ingredients. It goes well with the noodles that are nice and chew...

29 seats (11 counter seats and 18 table seats)

Nagoya-City Otokomae Pasta

The acidity in the tomato sauce offers a refreshing aftertaste, making this a welcoming dish for first-timers. The toppings are also of excellent quality, with the juiciness of the hamburger steak ...

30 seats (16 counter, 5 tables)

Nagoya-City Spaghetti House Ciao JR Nagoya Station Shinkansen Entrance

Our sauce is made with thoroughly cooked and matured beef and vegetables. It has a mild flavor and a friendly taste. Our dishes have a broad appeal, including with women. We have nine restaurants a...