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Craved and anticipated by tourists from all parts of the world, Aichi's supreme Hitsumabushi preparation of locally grown, high-quality “unagi” eel is a sensational specialty that one enjoys in three exquisite ways, at once!

If you’re thinking “eww!”, you’re doubly wrong. First, it’s “Eel!”, and second, there is absolutely nothing repulsive about this culinary wonder, as it is one of the most delicious, and thus beloved, of all Nagoya’s traditional dishes. Using the coveted “unagi” spitchcocked eel broiled in a “kabayaki” manner, such is the importance given to this distinctive Nagoya-style dish that it is among the first choices at many households, for celebratory or commemorative meals.

The soft fillets, the mellow glazed sauce, the flavory and healthy fat drip, the unmistakable aroma, all are together in a party for your senses. Some less informed people, maybe even Japanese, may tell you that Hamana-ko of Shizuoka Prefecture is the most famous place for “unagi”, but don’t be fooled: the water farms of Aichi Prefecture boast the largest production of eels nationwide, and the number of specialized restaurants throughout the land is overwhelming. This is, clearly, the “unagi” home!

To be honest, there are many other Japanese ways to eat “unagi”. However, after you try Hitsumabushi, you’ll agree that it is the best possible way to have it, and understand why it is so popular around here.




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Nagoya-City Unazen Kappo Hitsumabushi

Baked after being grilled unseasoned in the Kanto style, the eel is soft enough to cut with a wooden spoon. Its fluffy texture quickly melts in your mouth. Very delicately seasoned with a soy-based...

Nagoya-City Atsuta HOURAIKEN Honten

"Hitsumabushi" is a registered trademark of Atsuta Horaiken.

Nagoya-City Ibasho

An old-established eel restaurant that has been in business since the Meiji era. This hitsumabushi invented by the third generation owner is a wooden tub of rice topped with chopped grilled eel. Hi...

Nagoya-City Miyakagi

A combination of hitsumabushi and chicken cuisine. For the hitsumabushi, smaller eels with low fat are selected and broiled after the special method of coating them in mirin before marinating them ...

120 seats

Nagoya-City Unagi Kiya

A long-established eel specialty restaurant that was founded in the late Edo period. The sauce has a rich flavor, but is not spicy. As the sauce is thick, it firmly wraps around the eel. Reservatio...

72 seats (25 tables and 3 private rooms)