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Aichi’s Wonderful Waterfalls

Aichi’s Wonderful Waterfalls

Some of Japan’s most spectacular waterfalls can be found in the great outdoors of Aichi Prefecture. Enjoy the mystic healing and relaxing properties of the waterfalls, and the many great historical, cultural and natural attractions around them.


The Dragon King’s “Niagara Falls” of Aichi’s Okumikawa

Ten meters high, and 70 meters wide, the Tsuta-no-Fuchi waterfalls of Toei Village are known as the Niagara Falls of Okumikawa, in eastern Aichi Prefecture. The great waterfall is associated with the legend of the Dragon King and his palace. Ring the Dragon King Bell, and your wish will come true!

Shinshiro-CityYuya Onsen Hot Springs

Enjoyed for over 1,300 years, the hot springs of Shinshiro’s Yuya Onsen are found deep in a picturesque valley along the Ure River, with stunning traditional Japanese views of the mountains and river. Relax and wash away the aches and pains in the natural steaming hot waters.

Yuya Onsen

Shinshiro-CityAtera-no-Nanataki Waterfall

The Seven Waterfalls of Atera Nanataki, a Sight to Fall For

One of natures’ most beautiful gifts must be the official “Place of Scenic Beauty” designated Atera-no-Nanataki, or Seven Waterfalls of the Shinshiro region. Enjoy a walk through unspoiled nature, and be rewarded with the sight of these magnificent falls.

Shinshiro-CityHorai-ji Temple

There is something truly mystical about the atmosphere around the holy mountain of Horai-ji. The whole mountain is tranquil, with unspoiled ancient nature. It reeks of spiritualism and history, and of long forgotten ways. Mt. Horai-ji and its temple are unique and considered major power spots!

Seto-CitySeto Otaki Waterfall

Picturesque Nature, Japanese Style! Seto Otaki Waterfalls

One of Aichi’s most famous waterfalls and one of Japan’s best autumn leaf viewing spots! Iwayado Park in the mountains of Seto is popular year round, particularly in the spring for cherry blossom and the gorgeous leaves of autumn. Enjoy the beautiful streams and rivers, marvel at the 18m waterfall and a hidden shrine under a huge boulder grotto!

Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum

Enjoy the exhibitions of traditional pottery and the museum shop, rest in the tearoom, then put aside about 2 hours to make your own traditional teacup using local clay!

Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum

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