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Aichi’s Spring and Summer Famous Flower Viewing Spots

Aichi’s Spring and Summer Famous Flower Viewing Spots

Aichi abounds with nature, and that nature puts on a spectacular flower show every spring and summer!

Tahara CityRapeseed and Cherry Blossom Festival

Enjoy Tahara’s Colorful Spring Season

Experience the wonders of Japanese nature as the soft pink cherry blossom and fields of bright yellow rapeseed vie for your attention. Join in the festivities celebrating this beautiful time of year.

Tahara CityTahara Castle

Visit the historic Tahara Castle ruins, now a history museum displaying a number of items designated National Important Cultural Properties, and materials related to the Tahara domain samurai and artist, Watanabe Kazan.

Tahara Castle

Shinshiro CityShinshiro Rapeseed Flower Festival

Brighten Your Day With Fields of Gold!

The Shinshiro region welcomes the arrival of spring with fields aglow of bright yellow mustard, or rapeseed blossom. The Kamihirai and the Omiya districts are highly recommended.

Yotsuya Senmaida Terraced Rice Fields

The Yotsuya Senmaida terraced rice fields of Shinshiro are an incredible feat of farming engineering. What’s more, the over 1,200 rice paddies and surrounding areas come alive every spring with the flowering colors of the season, and the locals will welcome you to their Rice Planting Festivals!

Yotsuya Senmaida Terraced Rice Fields

Toyota-CityWeeping Peach Blossoms of Kaminaka

Vast hillside orchards with an astounding 3,000 weeping peach trees in bloom!

Approximately 3,000 weeping peaches flourish in the Asahi District's Kaminaka-cho, where walking paths are lined with beautiful weeping peach blossoms for about 1 kilometer. Early to mid April is usually the best time to view the flowers.

Toyone Village, Mt. ChausuShibazakura, Flowering Moss Festival

See the Spectacular Shibazakura Flowering Moss

Be amazed by endless fields of bright pink, white and purple flowering Shibazakura moss. Six varieties of spectacular moss cover 22,000 square meters on the slopes of Mt. Chausu from May to June.

Konan CityKonan Fuji (Wisteria) Flower Festival

Experience Japanese Culture, Samurai and the Symbolic Wisteria in Konan

From mid April to early May, over 60 trees, consisting of 12 species of fuji wisteria bloom in the Mandara-ji Park, beside the famed Mandara-ji Temple. Samurai parades and other cultural attractions take place during the Fuji Flower Festival.

Tsushima CityOwari Tsushima Fuji (Wisteria) Flower Festival

Be Awed by The Wonderful Wisteria at Owari Tsushima’s Flower Festival

Be awed by the beauty of the elegant wisteria (fuji) blossoms in Tenno-ji Park, scene of the famed summer Tenno Festival. Bring your camera for some great memory making shots!

Tsushima Shrine

Since ancient times, pilgrims to the Grand Shrine of Ise would also pay their respects at the great Tsushima Shrine, head of the over 3,000 Tsushima Shrines located across Japan. Tsushima City’s grand Tsushima Shrine dates back over 1,450 years, and hosts the annual spectacular Tsushima Tenno Festival.

Tsushima Shrine

Chiryu CityYatsuhashi Kakitsubata-en Gardens

A famous spot to enjoy kakitsubata irises!

The Iris is Aichi's official flower! Visit the beautiful Yatsuhashi Kakitsubata-en Gardens between late April and late May and join over 120,000 tourists who come to enjoy the iris flowers that bloom annually. A variety of traditional cultural events also take place during the festival.

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