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  • Enjoy Japan’s Iconic Cherry Blossom Across Picturesque Aichi Prefecture
Enjoy Japan’s Iconic Cherry Blossom Across Picturesque Aichi Prefecture

Enjoy Japan’s Iconic Cherry Blossom Across Picturesque Aichi Prefecture

Some of the nations’top cherry blossom viewing spots are right here in Aichi Prefecture!

Okazaki-CityOkazaki Cherry Blossoms Festival

One of Japan's 100 Best Cherry Blossoms Spot

Come spring and the over 800 "Sakura" cherry trees spread in the area around Okazaki Castle show their proud colors. The evenings during the festival's period feature artificial illumination that lights up the flowery orchard, creating highly enjoyable and fantastic sights.

Okazaki-CityOkazaki Castle / Okazaki Park / Mikawa Bushi and Ieyasu Museum

Okazaki Castle, Birthplace of the Shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu
Aichi Prefecture is the birthplace of heroes. The nations’ three Unifiers were all born in Aichi, Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi in Nagoya, and in nearby Okazaki Castle, the first of the 14 Tokugawa Shogun, the Great Lord, Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Okazaki Castle / Okazaki Park / Mikawa Bushi and Ieyasu Museum

Nagoya CityYamazaki River

Yamazaki River Cherry Blossom Arches

Designated as one of Japan’s Top 100 Cherry Blossom viewing spots, over one kilometer of Nagoya’s Yamazaki River is lined both sides with large, lush cherry trees, and the walkway along the river is also lined with cherry blossom, adding to your enjoyment.

Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens

See one of Asia’s greatest zoos, Nagoya’s Higashiyama Zoo, home to an impressive over 550 species of animals, including elephants, penguins, bears, tigers, giraffes, birds, reptiles, hippos, apes, lions, skunks, rhinos, seals and the “World’s most handsome gorilla”! Higashiyama Zoo and the Botanical Gardens are also recognized as one of Aichi Prefectures most picturesque cherry blossom viewing spots too.

Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Iwakura CityGojo River

Gojo River, The Go-To Spot for Cherry Blossom Viewing

The Gojo River, flowing through Aichi Prefecture is also ranked on Japan’s Top 100 cherry blossom viewing list. The Iwakura City leg of the Gojo River is one of the many recommended spots to see the best cherry blossom.

Komaki Castle

Komaki Castle is one of the smaller, but more interesting castle sites in the Aichi region, and the only castle to have had direct connections with all three National Unifiers. The mountain is covered in cherry trees, and in spring, resembles a cherry-iced cake.

Komaki Castle

Ichinomiya CityKiso Riverbank

The Mighty Kiso River, a Mighty Fine Cherry Blossom Location

Just over 400 years ago, during the early Edo Period, a 47km long embankment was constructed between Inuyama and Yatomi City along the Kiso River. In 1885, a 9km stretch between Ichinomiya City's Kitagata-cho and Kusai District in Konan City was populated with three different types of cherry trees, becoming one of the areas' most admired cherry blossom vantage points.

Nagoya CityTsuruma Park Flower Festival (Hana Matsuri)

A thousand soothing “Some-Yoshino” Sakura cherry trees

Tsuruma Park is famous for countless reasons, but undoubtedly it is first and foremost known for its forest of sakura cherry trees that, in late March, start to bloom all at once. Thus it is painted in pinkish hues that attract flocks of people for the customary “Hanami” flower watching picnics, so treasured in Japanese culture. Such a fame earned the park a place in the country’s 100 Best Sakura Spots.

Nagoya CityOsu Kannon Temple, Bansho-ji and the Osu Shopping Arcade Area

Buddhist Temples Side-By-Side with Rustling Shopping Streets
How perfect is a place for sightseeing if it makes you get lost while shopping and you end up stepping into a majestic temple? This historical temple, moved to its current place by a shogun after almost three centuries of construction, sits right in the middle of an unmissable shopping district where both the old and the young walk along together, attracting legions of visitors all the year who seek spiritual enlightenment, or simply a good bargain or some unusual item!

Osu Kannon Temple, Bansho-ji and the Osu Shopping Arcade Area

Shinshiro-CityShinshiro Cherry Blossom Festival

Sakurabuchi Park, a designated Prefectural Nature Park, takes its name from its avenues lined with cherry blossoms ("sakura") and its deep pools of water (the "buchi" in the park's name) and features some of the most outstanding scenery in the prefecture. The park is famed for its blooming cherry blossoms that seem to dye pink the banks of the Toyokawa river that meanders through the park's center.

Shinshiro-CityShinshiro Shitaragahara Historical Museum

Battle of Nagashino, the Shitaragahara Battlefield and History Museum
Visible from the rooftop observation area atop the wonderful Shitagahara Historical Museum in eastern Aichi Prefecture’s Shinshiro City, is the long, thin valley known locally as Shitaragahara. This is the site of one of the most famous samurai battles, the Battle of Nagashino, that took place on May 21st, 1575.

Shinshiro Shitaragahara Historical Museum

Kariya-CityKariya Cherry Blossoms Festival•Kijo Park

The city of Kariya celebrates its Sakura Cherry Blossoms Festival every year. Kijo Park, location of the Kariya Castle ruins, is among the best sakura cherry blossoms spots in the city. (The kanji for "Kijo" also reads as "Kameshiro").

Kariya-CityKariya Cherry Blossoms Festival•Suhara Park

A nice place for

The city of Kariya celebrates its Sakura Cherry Blossoms Festival every year. Among the lots of nice places for sightseeing those gorgeous flowers, there is Suhara Park, about 2km north of the Kariya Highway Oasis, with the Suhara Pound adding to the magnificent views.

Kariya-CityKariya Highway Oasis

Kariya Highway Oasis, Japan’s Third Most Popular Amusement Facility
This is incredible! The Kariya Highway Oasis is a highway stop area on the Isewangan Expressway, part of the major Tomei Expressway route. It is also Japan’s third most popular amusement facility after Tokyo Disneyland and Osaka’s Universal Studios Japan!

Kariya Highway Oasis

Higashiura-TownHigashiura Odai Festival

A festival to honor a hero’s mother

Higashiura-Town every year holds the “Odai Festival” in honor to "Odai-no-Kata", mother of Hero Tokugawa Ieyasu and a natural of those parts. Events in the celebration involves a procession of about 2km by both margins of the Myotokuji River, known as the “Odai Stroll Pathway”, under the shadow of 400 trees of sakura planted along both embankments, all in full bloom by the time of the event.

Komaki-CityMt. Komaki Cherry Blossom Festival

In Spring, Mt. Komakiyama's famed Cherry Blossom Festival takes place, filling the premises with crowds of people enjoying the gorgeous sakura blooming everywhere. In the two days of the festival, especially installed illumination lit up the flowers from 6 PM to 9 PM making for added beauty, and the museum inside the castle operate for extended hours. Activities for the kids and guided tours will enhance your experience even further.

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