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Nagoya-City [Events Partially Cancelled in 2022]
Osu Kannon Temple Setsubun Festival

Date : 02/03/2022

  • Osu Kannon Temple Setsubun Festival
  • Osu Kannon Temple Setsubun Festival
  • Osu Kannon Temple Setsubun Festival
  • Osu Kannon Temple Setsubun Festival
  • Osu Kannon Temple Setsubun Festival
  • Osu Kannon Temple Setsubun Festival
  • Osu Kannon Temple Setsubun Festival

The 2022 Takarabune Treasure Ship Procession has been cancelled.
Only a demon-casting ceremony conducted by the Deities of Fortune will be held (around 3:00 PM).

A Ritual to Mark the Turning Point Between Seasons by Throwing Beans to Drive Away Demons

Setsubun means the turning point between seasons, and often indicates the day before "Risshun" (the start of spring) in particular. Setsubun is always accompanied by a ritual of throwing beans to drive away (or cleanse) demons. From 10 AM until 6 PM on February 3, visitors to Osu Kannon Temple get the chance to take part in "mame maki," or bean throwing, performed in special stands set up within the grounds.

Osu Kannon Temple Setsubun Festival

At Setsubun, it is customary to throw beans together with shouts of "Oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi" ("Demons out, happiness in"). A demon mask has been handed down as a temple treasure at Osu Kannon Temple however, so "Oni wa soto" is taboo and you only say, "Fuku wa uchi." At the same time, there is a lively Setsubun parade involving treasure ships bearing the God of Happiness, the Seven Gods of Good Luck and so on, all accompanied by troupes of musicians and the like.

Osu Kannon Temple Setsubun Festival

Osu Kannon Temple Setsubun Festival


Date : Annually on February 3
February 3 (Thursday), 2022
Holding time : Bean Throwing from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (continuous)
Place : Osu Kannon Temple grounds, Osu Shopping Arcade streets
Location : 〒460-0011
2-21-47, Osu, Naka-ward, Nagoya-city, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Fee : • Soybean Throwing Tickets: 3,000 yen admission only / 4,000 yen admission + masu box
Parking : Unavailable
Phone number : 052-231-6525 (Osu Kannon Temple)

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  • Access by public transport
    Access by public transport
    -Just a brief northeastwards walk from Exit 2 of Osu Kannon Station of the subway Tsurumai Line, or;
    -7 min. (550m) walk from Exit 8 of Kamimaezu Station of both subway Tsurumai and Meijo lines.

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