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Anjo-City Jozan-En Tea House & Garden (Jozanen)

  • Jozan-En Tea House & Garden (Jozanen)
  • Jozan-En Tea House & Garden (Jozanen)
  • Jozan-En Tea House & Garden (Jozanen)

Time for serenely relaxing tranquility.

Ishikawa Jozan, a notable samurai and literati from the early Edo period, was born in Anjo City. This traditional tea house was built to replicate Shisendo in Kyoto, where Jozan spent his last days.

Jozan-En Tea House & Garden (Jozanen)

Genuine Japanese gardens like the karayo-style garden, horai-style garden and chisen kaiyu-style garden that are reminiscent of Shisendo create a uniquely calming atmosphere. Enjoy the elegant scenery that changes with the seasons.


  • Multipurpose toilet
  • Parking
  • Wi-Fi
Location : 〒444-1221
180-1, Nakahongo, Izumi-cho, Anjo-City, Aichi
Fee : Adults 100 yen, groups (10 persons and over) 80 yen, junior high school age and under free
(May change depending on the events being held)
days / hours
: 9:00 to 17:00 (last admission at 16:30)
Some events go later into the night, check previously (be careful as buses end quite early)
Place : Jozan-En Tea House & Garden (Jozanen)
Parking : 60 free parking spaces
Restrooms : Available
Holidays : Monday (open if Monday is a public holiday), year-end and New Years (December 28 to January 4)
Phone number : 0566-92-7780

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Barrier-free information


  • Access by public transport
    Access by public transport
    •From Nagoya Station, take the JR Tokaido Main Line, alight at Anjo Station and ride a taxi 15 min
    •Optionally, at Anjo Station take the Ankuru Circulator Bus (left or right) and alight at Anjo Kosei Byoin Hospital (it is also possible to board this bus from the Minami-Anjo Station of Meitetsu Nishio Line). From there, take the Ankuru Bus Nanbu Sen (Southern Line - Number 3) and alight at Izumi Jozan Sono bus stop - walk south 140m, turn right and walk an additional 100m
  • Access by car
    Access by car
    Exit at the Route 23 Izumi I.C. and drive south for approx. 10 minutes.
    Approx. 35 minutes by car from the Tomei Expressway Okazaki I.C.

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