Gamagori Udon

“1st Article: By principle, thou shalt useth Mikawa Bay produced Asari clams in least measure of five per one-person serving. However, should the quantity be otherwise smaller, thee must inform the reason.”

The above is just the first rule of the “Gamagori Udon Principles”, a set of 5 Commandments that rule how one must cook and serve the famous bowl of noodles. Of course, the rules weren’t written with a Japanese as archaic as our English translation, but that exaggeration is just to convey the serious tone Aichi people use when dealing with food matters (and, why not, add a little fun!).

The Gamagori Udon is another specialty variation of the famous Japanese noodles made with the bivalve Asari clams. And, as the above rule dictates, only the ones produced in Mikawa Bay may be used in this specific dish. Other rules say that “wakame” sea weed is mandatory, and that the broth must be soy sauce-based. All the rules have been instituted by The Gamagori Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which also certifies the shops allowed to sell the dish using the official name. People are really serious about it!

All those minute details, however entertaining, pale in comparison to the incredibly light and delicious taste of the Gamagori Udon. The slight sweetness of the clams and sea weed, together with the only slightly salty soup, makes this a great addition to your trip’s gourmet selection.




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