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Taiwan Ramen

No, this is not a typo nor a mistake: despite the foreign name, 
this especially tasty Chinese noodle variation was born right here in Aichi, and it’s hot, tasty and absolutely luscious!

First thought that comes to mind: “Wait, why is Aichi doing a presentation about a Taiwanese dish?” Let us begin by setting it straight: in Taiwan, no such recipe exists. Legend says that, in the 70’s, a Chinese restaurant chef who strived in a Nagoya eatery, hastily improvised some food for the employees, so locals could have a taste of his home land food. But it ended up so good that, by word of mouth, regular patrons started demanding the accidental concoction to be served as a regular item. Seemingly not bright in the marketing skills, the grieved cook just hurriedly scribbled “Taiwan Ramen” in the menu, solely because he himself was of Taiwanese nationality!

Well, perchance happenings apart, this delicacy has become an absolute Aichi favorite, and the variations you’ll be able to find, whether in Nagoya or rest of Aichi, is astounding, despite the standard topping of minced pork meat, Chinese chives, and plenty of garlic. Another conventional feature is the indiscriminate use of chili pepper: even the most piquant-food lover will notice the body transpire and beg for water but, nevertheless, will deny relief for the physical instinct and somehow keep chugging the noodles in. Such is the irresistible taste of this miraculous delight!

When shopping for the Taiwan Ramen, keep an eye open for the equally unmissable “Taiwan Maze Soba”, a variation without the soup, with the topping directly on the noodles. Some arguably say that it is better than the original. However, the jury is still out on that. Go check and decide yourself!




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