“I'll stick ‘em cutlets into the miso pot”,
the Nagoya incident that started a whole food culture in Aichi!

The people of Nagoya who so love the soybean miso are also good at arranging dishes around it.

Legend says that in the mid 1940‘s, a customer at a stand suddenly dipped his skewered pork cutlet into a soybean miso hot pot, allegedly an act no one had ever though doing. “Wait! This is delicious!” was his surprised reaction. Other customers around him caught sight of the action, and scrambled to do the same. Was this discovery a trick of fate? Or was it a successful idea kept hidden in secret? Either way, this dish quickly boomed in popularity, and still is Nagoya‘s favorite specialty. Each restaurant has its own style, but the key is in the soybean miso sauce. The many variations of the beloved gravy may be generally divided into thick, rich sauces and watery, sweet sauces. Why not hunt out your favorite?




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