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Recommended Castles and Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots

Recommended Castles and Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots

Castles are a symbol of the samurai, and the cherry blossom is said to be a symbol of samurai life: short, sweet, and ready to fall gracefully. Here are a few ideal places to see both castles, and cherry blossom at their best.

Nagoya-CityNagoya Castle and Nagoya Castle Hommaru Palace

Magnificent Cherry Blossom at Majestic Nagoya Castle

The western moats of Nagoya Castle provide some of the better cherry blossom viewing, with the blossom overhanging the stone walls and reflecting in the still waters of the moat. Along Nagoya Castle’s outer moat (soto-bori) you’ll also find many large cherry trees, and some good areas to stop for a picnic too.

Inuyama-CityNational Treasure Inuyama Castle

Treasures, Natural and National

Being situated on a tree covered hill, and with a great many of those trees being cherry blossom, National Treasure Inuyama Castle is a stunning site in spring. The view from the top of the keep, looking down on the hillside is also highly recommended.

Inuyama-CityUrakuen Japanese Garden / National Treasure Teahouse Jo-an

Tea Rooms and Cherry Blossom at Inuyama’s Urakuen
See the National Treasure designated traditional tea room, Jo-an in the cherry tree filled gardens of Inuyama’s Urakuen. During spring, when the cherry blossom appears, the classic structure seems to glow. It’s something you have to see to understand!
[Temporary Closure Notice]
Urakuen Japanese Garden temporarily closed for preservation work.
Period: Friday March 3, 2019 to autumn of 2021

Urakuen Japanese Garden

Okazaki-CityOkazaki Castle

Cherry Blossom Viewing at The Shogun’s Castle

One of Aichi’s premier cherry blossom viewing spots is the grounds of Okazaki Castle. Over a thousand cherry trees bloom simultaneously, making it seem as though the keep is floating on a cloud of light pink blossom. The blossom is lit up at night during the annual cherry blossom festival.

Okazaki-CityMikawa Bushi and Ieyasu Museum

See the Samurai at the Ieyasu and Mikawa Bushi (Warrior) Museum
A fascinating museum on the grounds of Okazaki Castle, dedicated to the brave samurai warriors who served Tokugawa Ieyasu. See samurai armor and weapons, and find out more about these famed warriors.

Mikawa Bushi and Ieyasu Museum

Kiyosu-CityKiyosu Castle

Pink Blossom and a Black Tower, A Stunning Contrast

Close to the Gojo River, another hugely popular cherry blossom viewing spot, Kiyosu Castle, and the adjoining Kiyosu Castle Park is surrounded by cherry blossom. The black tower of Kiyosu and the light pink of the blossom makes a stunning contrast, while the view from the top of the keep is not to be missed!

Komaki-CityKomaki Castle

Cherry Blossom Viewing at Komaki Castle

Built on a hilltop and surrounded by over 1,200 cherry trees, Komaki Castle is one of the better, but little recognized cherry blossom viewing spots. Cherry trees go right to the very top, and the whole mountain becomes ablaze in pink. The base of the mountain is also covered in cherry trees, so there is no need to climb far to enjoy it all. Mt Komaki’s natural greenery and the pink petals makes a wonderful scene.

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