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Aichi’s Treasure Islands

Aichi’s Treasure Islands

Just off the coast of Aichi Prefecture are three small islands, each with its own amazing attractions. The islands are resorts, offering the freshest of seafood, the deepest of cultures, the most fascinating of histories, the friendliest of hospitality, and the most enjoyable of experiences. See, play, and discover Aichi’s treasure islands for yourself!

Minamichita-TownHimakajima Island

Cast Away on Himakajima Island

If you’re a Beatles fan, you’ll know the song Octopus’ Garden. It could well be that the Beatles were singing about Himakajima, one of three small islands off the coast of Aichi. Himakajima is known as the Octopus Island!

Nishio-CitySakushima Island

Wander and Ponder Sakushima, The Art Island

There’s peace, there’s quiet, and there’s plenty of art to enjoy on Sakushima, an open-air art gallery just off the coast of Nishio. Enjoy the many modern art installations and projects of various size and scale all around the U-shaped island.

Minami Chita-TownShinojima Island

The Small Island of Great Historical, Cultural Importance

Explore historical and cultural Shinojima Island off the coast of Aichi, and discover the many fascinating points of interest unknown to even most Japanese!

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